What was the main purpose of the Pachomius rules?

As the community developed, the rules were elaborated with precepts taken from the Bible. He drew up a rule which made things easier for the less proficient, but did not check the most extreme asceticism in the more proficient. The Rule sought to balance prayer with work, the communal life with solitude.

Who was Pachomius and what did he do?

Pachomius, (born c. 290, probably in Upper Egypt—died 346; feast day May 9), one of the Desert Fathers and founder of Christian cenobitic (communal) monasticism, whose rule (book of observances) for monks is the earliest extant.

What was the Eremitical type of monasticism?

Idiorrhythmic monasticism, also called eremitic monasticism (from Greek eremos, “desert”), the original form of monastic life in Christianity, as exemplified by St. Anthony of Egypt (c. 250–355). It consisted of a total withdrawal from society, normally in the desert, and the constant practice of mental prayer.

Where did the desert fathers live?

The Desert Fathers were the first Christian monks, living in solitude in the deserts of Egypt, Palestine, and Syria.

Who wrote the life of pachomius?

Pachomian Koinonia: The Life of Saint Pachomius (Volume 45): Veilleux OCSO, Armand, de Vogue OSB, Adalbert: 9780879079451: Amazon.com: Books.

Was the Virgin Mary Egyptian?

Saint Mary, also known as Maria Aegyptiaca, was born somewhere in the Province of Egypt, and at the age of twelve she ran away from her parents to the city of Alexandria. Here she lived an extremely dissolute life.

What do Eremitical mystics do?

Hermits live only in order to cultivate their spiritual life in prayer, meditation, reading, silence, asceticism, manual work, and, perhaps, in intellectual pursuits. In eremitism, the celibacy characteristically practiced in monachism extends to the suppression of all social relationships.

What is the desert spirituality?

Desert spirituality is what happens when you move outside the systems, outside empire mentality. Christianity married power in the 4th century with Constantine, and we never got divorced. The Christian faith moved from the faith of an oppressed people to the faith of people who rule the world.

How did the Desert Fathers fast?

They instead focused their energies on praying, singing psalms, fasting, giving alms to the needy, and preserving love and harmony with one another while keeping their thoughts and desires for God alone. Thousands joined them in the desert, mostly men but also a handful of women.

What did Saint Pachomius write?

DLS Religion Chapter 12 Quiz

Question Answer
Saint Pachomius and Saint Basil wrote a) a translation of the Bible. b) rules of life for religious communities. c) letters to persecuted Christians. C, Letter to persecuted Christians

What does the word monasticism mean?

Monasticism, an institutionalized religious practice or movement whose members attempt to live by a rule that requires works that go beyond those of either the laity or the ordinary spiritual leaders of their religions.