What was Neji last words?

The only one who can save him is you, Naruto.” If you’re curious to know what Neji Hyuga’s last words were, here they are: “Father, I finally understand your feelings… The freedom you felt when you chose to die to protect your friends…”

Is Neji in love with Tenten?

7 Neji & Tenten Only a select few like Tenten never found a true love interest, while only one of the eleven, Neji, ended up dying as a result of the Fourth Shinobi War.

What is the funniest episode in Naruto?

The 10 Funniest Naruto Episodes

  1. 1 “The Worst-Three Legged Race”
  2. 2 “Gotta See!
  3. 3 “Prologue of Road to Ninja”
  4. 4 “Naruto Vs Mecha-Naruto”
  5. 5 “Mix it, Stretch it, Boil it Up!
  6. 6 “Kakashi Hatake, the Hokage”
  7. 7 “Run!
  8. 8 “Laughing Shino”

Who did Neji have a crush on?

Since Neji had good reasons to die for Naruto (Naruto changed his view of life and he trusted Naruto could save the ninja world), his motive to die for Hinata was clearly that he considered her an special person to him. This can be interpreted as Neji having romantic feelings for Hinata, or loving her as family.

Did Tenten love Neji or Rock Lee?

Neji and Tenten are constantly shown together throughout the series. Tenten is shown to greatly admire and respect Neji. Tenten is often seen visiting and inviting him to special events. Neji is often seen to be greatly concerned for Tenten, often coming to her aid.

Does Naruto laugh at the funeral?

Synopsis. Naruto and Shino were sent on a mission to Motoyoshi Village to help Fūta Kagetsu inherit his wealth before his greedy sister Tsukiko, by standing in at their father’s funeral, so the man won’t be tempted to laugh and lose his inheritance. He ends up laughing, and the insects can’t neutralise the poison.

Did TenTen marry Lee?

This, in addition to other hints in the ’31 points’ answer as well as clues about Hanabi not being the mother from the new Boruto series, my best guess is, until confirmed, that Rock Lee and TenTen are together.

How did Naruto prepare to fight Neji Hyuga?

Neji fights Naruto in the finals. After a month of preparation, Naruto and Neji face each other. Naruto starts by using shadow clones to engage Neji, trying to overwhelm his taijutsu skills with sheer numbers.

Why was Neji so spiteful to Hinata in the anime?

Neji became spiteful towards the members of the main house for what he believed they’d done to his father; in the anime, he missed no opportunity to try and harm Hinata. He also came to believe that the course of a person’s life was determined from the moment of their birth and could be altered under no circumstances.

Are there any funny things in Naruto Ultimate Ninja?

The funny things come during some games like the Naruto Ultimate Ninja when you can have Kakashi do the “Sennen Goroshi” on people like Itachi Uchiha, Tsunade, and even Orochimaru… Imagine those kinds of people getting hit with such jutsu. The game can make that happen.

What did Kumo do with Neji Hyuga’s body?

In what became known as the Hyūga Affair, Kumo denied the allegations made against its Head Ninja and insisted Hiashi’s actions were a declaration of war by Konoha; the only way to avoid hostilities between the two villages would be if Hiashi’s body were turned over to Kumo as compensation.