What was LPG cylinder price in 2014?

The retail selling price of domestic gas was Rs 410.5 per 14.2-kg cylinder on March 1, 2014. Meanwhile, OMCs reduced the pump price of petrol and diesel after keeping it static for the past seven days. Petrol and diesel prices were cut by 15 paise per litre to Rs 101.34 and Rs 88.77 a litre respectively in Delhi.

What is the price of LPG cylinder in 2011?

The Oil Ministry had yesterday issued orders raising commission paid to LPG dealers from ₹ 25.83 per 14.2-kg cylinder to ₹ 37.25, government officials said. For the consumer, subsidised LPG in Delhi will now cost ₹ 410.42 per cylinder, up from ₹ 399.

What was the price of LPG in 2007?

The commission was raised from Rs 16.71 per 14.2-kg LPG cylinder to Rs 19.05 on March 1, 2007; to Rs 20.54 on June 4, 2008; to Rs 21.94 on June 30, 2009 and to Rs 25.83 per bottle on July 1, 2011.

What is the price of LPG gas cylinder in Mumbai?

Today’s LPG price in Mumbai stands at Rs. 884.50 for a cylinder weighing 14.2 kg. This includes all the central and state taxes….LPG Price today in Mumbai.

Today’s Price Rs.884.50/14.2 kg
Today’s LPG Price with Subsidy Rs.884.50/14.2 kg
Highest in FY 2021 Rs.884.50/14.2 kg in September 2021

What is the cost of LPG cylinder in 2013?

Dealers’ commission was last revised in December 2013 when it was hiked by ₹ 3.46 per cylinder to ₹ 40.71. The increase in commission – which as per practice is passed on to consumers – came into effect from October 23. Subsidised LPG in Delhi now costs ₹ 417 per 14.2-kg cylinder as against ₹ 414 previously.

What is the cost of cylinder?

All petroleum companies have now increased the rate of a subsidised liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinder by Rs.25 per cylinder. The price of the subsidised 14.2 kg LPG cylinder will be Rs.884.50 per cylinder in the capital.

What is the price of LPG gas?

Current LPG Gas Price List for 14.2 KG Cylinder

City Price Today
Mumbai ₹884.50
Gurgaon ₹893.50
Bengaluru ₹887.50
Chandigarh ₹894.00

Will LPG prices go up?

The latest increase in subsidised LPG price now has taken the cumulative rate hike since January 1 to ₹165 per cylinder. The government eliminated subsidies on LPG by raising rates every month. These monthly increases led to the elimination of subsidies by May 2020.

What is the cost of 5kg gas cylinder?

Indane 5 Kg Non Domestic LPG Cylinder, Price from Rs. 305/unit onwards, specification and features.

What is the current price of LPG gas cylinder?

The prices are revised every month and stands at Rs.834.50 in New Delhi and Mumbai today. An LPG connection is present in almost every household. LPG cylinders in the country are mainly used for cooking….Current LPG Gas Price List for 14.2 KG Cylinder.

City Price Today
Trivandrum ₹844.00

What was the price of gas in 2013?

Supporting Information

Year Retail Gasoline Price (Current dollars/gallon) Retail Gasoline Price (Constant 2015 dollars/gallon)
2011 3.53 3.75
2012 3.64 3.80
2013 3.53 3.62
2014 3.37 3.40

What is the basic price of LPG cylinder?

With the latest hike, the price of a non-subsidised LPG cylinder’s price is Rs 859.50 in both Delhi and Mumbai, Rs 875.50 in Chennai, Rs 886.50 in Kolkata. One of the highest prices in the country is in Lucknow at Rs 897.5 per cylinder.

What is the cost of a cylinder of LPG in Delhi?

A subsidised, 14.2-kg cylinder of LPG costs Rs 414 in Delhi. Officials said state-owned oil firms currently lose Rs 762.70 per cylinder on the sale of subsidised LPG. Non-subsidised LPG rates in Mumbai have been increased to Rs 1,264.50 per cylinder from Rs 1,038.

What is the price of non subsidised LPG in India?

This is the third increase in non-subsidised LPG rates in the past month. The price was hiked by Rs 63 a cylinder to Rs 1,017.50 on December 1. It was increased by a further Rs 3.50 to Rs 1,021 on December 11, when the government raised the commission for LPG dealers and distributors.

What was the price of LPG in January 2018?

The claim take the prices as of December 1 for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. For 2018, the claim mistakenly mentions the price as ‘₹609’ when in fact it is ₹809.50. Secondly, in the year 2014, the January price is taken (₹1,241). However, in the month of December the same year. the prices were at ₹752. 3. How are LPG prices broken down?

What is the capacity of a 5 kg LPG cylinder?

Non-Domestic packed LPG cylinders are supplied in three variants i.e. 5 Kg, 19 Kg & 47.5 Kg Capacity.Customers whose LPG flow requirement is lower can use 19 Kg & 47.5 Kg Cylinders with self Closing Valve.For a customer who’s LPG requirement is low and intermittent may use 5 Kg Cylinders.