What type of photography was used during the Civil War?

Almost 70 percent of photographs taken during the Civil War were stereoviews, which were essentially 19th century three-dimensional photos. To take a stereoview, a photographer used a twin lens camera with its lenses an eye-width apart to capture the same image from slightly different angles, much as our own eyes do.

What medicines were used in the Civil War?

Medications that were helpful included quinine for malaria, morphine, chloroform, and ether, as well as paregoric. Many others were harmful. Fowler’s solution was used to treat fevers and contained arsenic. Calomel (mercurous chloride) was used for diarrhea.

Who are the people in the Civil War photo?

Taken sometime in 1884 or 1885, Davis’s family is pictured here in Beauvoir, Mississippi. From Left to Right:: Varina Howell Davis Hayes [Webb] (1878-1934), Margaret Davis Hayes, Lucy White Hayes [Young] (1882-1966), Jefferson Davis, unidentified servant, Varina Howell Davis (His wife)]

Where was the harvest of death in the Civil War?

African-Americans collect the bones of soldiers killed in battle at Cold Harbor, Virginia, June 1864. John Reekie/Library of Congress Partially titled “A harvest of death,” this photo depicts just a few of the fallen soldiers at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania following the historic battle there in July 1863.

Who was Union General at Battle of Spotsylvania?

Union General Phil Sheridan. Sheridan gave the photographer the hat he is wearing here, but workmen would later steal it from a trunk in the photography studio’s cellar. Brady-Handy Photograph Collection/Library of Congress Confederate dead at the Battle of Spotsylvania in Virginia, May 1864. Wikimedia Commons

What was the name of the black soldiers in the Civil War?

Teenaged soldiers — both black and white — of the Union Army. Wikimedia Commons This photograph, taken circa 1862, was titled “Contrabands at Headquarters of General Lafayette.”