What type of insurance is meritain?

Meritain Health is a subsidiary of Aetna and is one of the nation’s largest administrators of health benefits.

How do I contact meritain health?

Contact us If you have questions about claims or benefits, we’re happy to help. For 24-hour automated phone benefits and claims information, call us at 1.800. 566.9311. To reach us by phone, dial the toll-free number on the back of the patient’s ID card.

Is meritain a TPA?

Your population has unique needs, and we understand that. We offer streamlined solutions for administering medical, dental, vision, spending accounts, pharmacy, COBRA… you name it. As a third party administrator, or TPA, we give you the flexibility to customize your plan and resources to fit just right.

When did Aetna acquire meritain?

January 2005
It was acquired in January 2005 by North American Health Care, a company formed by Cooperstone and an investor group to consolidate the third-party administration industry. That company later changed its name to Meritain and became part of Prodigy Health.

Does meritain health require referrals?

No referrals required For the best benefits, see specialists that are in the network (called in-network or participating providers).

What is the payer ID for meritain health?

Information about electronic services and agreements.

Payer Details
Payer ID 64157
Payer Name Meritain Health
States MI
Services Offered Claims, ERA, Eligibility

Does meritain health have an app?

Save time by easily and securely accessing your Flex/CDHP benefit accounts. The mobile app features real-time access and intuitive navigation with summarized financial information and charts.

Does meritain cover vision?

Meritain Health Vision Insurance is accepted at all 6 of our locations, so visit a store or book an appointment and get the proper eye care you deserve.

Who is the parent company of Aetna?

CVS Pharmacy
CVS Health
Aetna/Parent organizations

Is Bswift owned by Aetna?

HARTFORD, Conn. – Aetna (NYSE:AET ) today announced that it has completed its acquisition of privately held bswift , which provides a technology platform that offers a retail shopping experience for health insurance exchanges and employers nationwide.

What specialty pharmacy does Meritain Health use?

CVS Caremark
Your prescription drug benefit—available when you need prescriptions filled—is administered by Meritain Health® Pharmacy Solutions, powered by CVS Caremark. You can visit more than 65,000 retail pharmacies nationwide to fill your prescriptions. You also have access to clinical pharmacists for Information and support.

Does Meritain Health have an app?