What trust is pinderfields hospital?

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust
The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust runs Pontefract Hospital, Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield and Dewsbury and District Hospital and community health services in Wakefield, all in West Yorkshire, England.

How do I contact pinderfields hospital?

Contact us

  1. Pinderfields Hospital. Switchboard: 01924 541000.
  2. Pontefract Hospital. Friarwood Lane. Pontefract. WF8 1PL. Switchboard: 01924 541000.
  3. Dewsbury and District Hospital. Halifax Road. Dewsbury. WF13 4HS. Switchboard: 01924 541000.

What is pinderfields hospital famous for?

Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield is the main centre for people who are seriously ill. It is a designated Major Trauma Unit where urgent and emergency surgery is carried out and has a helicopter landing site close to the Emergency Department.

Which are the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals?

Our Hospitals

  • Dewsbury and District Hospital.
  • Pinderfields Hospital.
  • Pontefract Hospital.

Where is Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust?

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust runs a network of hospital services across three sites at Pinderfields, Dewsbury and Pontefract, and also provides services in the community.

How many beds does pinderfields hospital have?

639 beds
Pinderfields Hospital is situated in Wakefield and has approximately 639 beds.

How much is parking at Pinderfields hospital?

In the main car parks at our Pinderfields and Pontefract Hospitals, you collect a car parking ticket on arrival and use this to pay when you leave the hospital….Car parking charges.

Time Fee
Less than 20 minutes Free
Up to 1 hour £2.00
1-2 hours £2.80
2-4 hours £5.00

How do I complain about pinderfields hospital?

The PALS team is situated at Pinderfields Hospital, next to General Office, Gate 14a, Level B and can be contacted on 01924 542972 or email [email protected] Page 4 4 The PALS office is available on the telephone from 9 am and 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

Why is Pinderfields Hospital called pinderfields?

The name derives from the Pinder of Wakefield, the townsmen in charge of impounding stray animals who were tasked with ensuring that no-one dare trespass on Wakefield under their watchful eyes.

How much is parking at Pinderfields Hospital?

What are the 4 values of Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust?

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

  • Location: Yorkshire, United Kingdom.
  • Core values: Improving, caring, respect, high standards.
  • Our vision: to achieve excellent patient experience each and every time.
  • Size: three hospitals.

How many hospitals are in the Mid Yorkshire trust?

three hospitals
We have three hospitals at Dewsbury, Pontefract and Wakefield (Pinderfields), and also provide care in community settings such as GP surgeries, health centres and clinics as well as in people’s own homes.