What size is 06B chain?

06B roller chain is a 3/8″ pitch metric size chain that uses straight link plates for both inner and outer plates.

How is roller chain size?

Roller Chain Identification Most roller chain has the size stamped right into the side plates. You may see something like “40”, “C2080H” or “10B” stamped in, which the industry number that represents the chain size.

What are the dimensions of a 430 chain?

Metric Dimensions

Chain Pitch Width
420 12.70mm 6.35mm
428 12.70mm 7.75mm
520 15.88mm 6.35mm
525 15.88mm 7.85mm

What are chain dimensions?

Chain dimensions are reference dimensions driven by the geometry. You cannot change their values or use the values to drive the model. When you create chain dimensions, your first selection defines the starting edge of the chain. Subsequent selections are measured from one selection to the next.

What is 08B chain?

08B roller chain is a 1/2″ pitch metric size chain that is manufactured to conform to all BS / DIN / ISO dimensional standards. Special orders for 08B roller chain are available for qualified OEM’s & resellers.

What is the pitch on chainsaw chain?

Pitch. Chain pitch is the size of the chain and is defined as the distance between any three consecutive rivets divided by two. Oregon chain is made in several pitches – 1/4″ is the smallest, 3/8″ is the most popular, and 3/4” is the largest.

How do I determine chain size?

To measure the chain size, if you have just the sprocket, use calipers to measure between the teeth. Measure from center to center of where the chain roller would set between the teeth that will give you the pitch. Once you know the pitch you can determine what chain size you would need.

What size is a 50 chain?

#50 Roller Chain Dimensions

Size Pitch (P) Overall Width (A)
50-2 0.625″ 1.513″
50-3 0.625″ 2.230″
50-4 0.625″ 2.943″

What is a 40 chain?

#40 roller chain is a 1/2″ pitch ANSI B29. 1 industrial duty roller chain that is manufactured with precision components and high-strength carbon steel alloys. #40 roller chain is one of the most common chain sizes used around the world today because of its versatility and productive nature.