What model is my carrier?

Look on the back of your unit, and you’ll find the model number listed on a silver series rating-plate located above the service valve connections. If your heat pump is geothermal, the model information should be easily found on the front of the unit.

How do you decode a carrier model number?

The most common way to to determine the carrier ac age is through the serial number. In the above style, the determining factor is having a letter in the middle of the serial number. The first two digits are the week of manufacturer. The second set of digits are the year of manufacture.

How does a carrier AC self clean work?

During SELF CLEAN operation, when pressing the SELF CLEAN button on the remote controller again,the unit will stop the operation and turn off the unit automatically. With this new technology, the dipsplay area will appear EC and the indication lamps continue flashing when the outdoor unit detects refrigerant leakage.

How long does a residential AC unit last?

10 to 15 years
Though the lifespan of a home air conditioner varies based on many factors, those that are well-maintained should last 10 to 15 years. And by completing regular checkups and repairs – both big and small – many systems can last even longer.

How do I read my Carrier air conditioner model number?

For Carrier, you should look for the 7th and 8th digits, or maybe 8th and 9th digits, of the model number. It will be a number divisible by 6 or 12, and represents the nominal BTU of the system in thousands.

How do I know my Carrier SEER rating?

Look for the yellow and black rating sticker. Found on the side of the condenser, it clearly states the system’s SEER rating. Look for an information sheet affixed to the front of the air handler, the interior unit. The SEER rating is also listed here.

What is follow me in carrier AC?

When the Follow Me feature is activated, the remote will then act as the thermostat instead of the unit, helping to further extended the units cooling range. The remote control will send this signal to the air conditioner every 3 minutes until the Follow Me button is pressed again.