What makes a Gemini crazy?

Hurt feelings are one thing that makes a Gemini mad. If you embarrassed a Gemini or hurt their feelings, they will get mad at you. If you in any way made a Gemini feel less smart or funny and did something to hurt their ego or personality, a Gemini will get upset. And, they will be mad at you for a bit.

Are Geminis the craziest sign?

Gemini is without doubt THE craziest and most unpredictable zodiac sign around! This sign is known for their split personality and can go from 0 to 100 in seconds with almost no warning.

What mental illnesses do Geminis have?

Gemini (May 22 — June 21) The evil twin of the lively Gemini is nervous and negative. It’s not uncommon for Geminis to suffer from generalized anxiety disorder, insomnia, and nervous exhaustion.

What bad traits do Geminis have?

Here are the negative character traits of this zodiac:

  • Inconsistent. Geminis find it hard to stay at one place.
  • Double-Faced. Geminis are known to have two sides to their personality.
  • Indecisive. Geminis absolutely hate taking decisions and they are generally not very good at it.
  • Overly Anxious.
  • Judgemental.

Why are Gemini so cute?

Often attractive creatures, Gemini people have a way with design, beauty and aesthetic. They have a way of putting things together. Gems pay attention to detail, and they can spot things others can’t. Geminis also have a way of presenting their style in a way that is very notable.

Do Geminis trust issues?

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20) Gemini wants to trust, but experience has formed their sense of what to expect in a person, and usually, it’s not very nice. Gemini doesn’t trust much, and they rationalize this feeling by thinking themselves “cautious.”

Why is Gemini so cute?

Why are some Geminis unhappy with the world?

Gemini individuals are feeling unhappy for reasons related to the mental area. They can forget about any mistake if their mind is being put to work in the direction they want. For example, they can argue for more or less relevant reasons, just because they’re curious about the subject that needs to be discussed.

What do Geminis do when they are annoyed?

When annoyed, they can expose a lack of profoundness and start to make evil plans in order to obtain their revenge. It doesn’t matter if things are working according to their plans, this is a whole new story to begin with. Geminis can play many roles, yet they’re never raging like others.

Why are Geminis the target of memelords at large?

Geminis are complex creatures. They’re an air sign that’s represented by the twins in the zodiac. Their dual personalities, flighty behavior, and overzealous nature make them a constant target for memelords at large. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, which sums up their gift of gab.

Can a Gemini Love you and Hate You?

Gemini certainly enjoys love, like all of us, but because their emotions can be inconsistent as well, they can love you one day and hate you the next. Remember, the symbol of the Gemini is the twins, and like twins, a Gemini can easily have two different personalities.