What kind of engine does a BMW M5 have?

Engine, Transmission, and Performance The M5 is mighty, boasting 600 horsepower from its twin-turbo 4.4-liter V-8 in base form.

What BMW car has a V10 engine?

So if you’re looking for BMWs with a V10 engine, there are only two — the E60 BMW M5 and E63 BMW M6 — and, so long as you take proper care of them, they will provide years of incredible thrills.

Is the E60 M5 fast?

Like the original M5, the E60 M5 became the fastest sedan in the world shortly after it was launched. Only 4.5 ticks to reach 60mph, and with the 155-mph limiter removed a 2006 – 2010 BMW M5 could reach an aerodynamically-limited top speed of 205.7 mph.

What is the best year BMW M5?

In general, the 2003 BMW M5 is most desirable in part because it has the lowest production and the benefit of every factory improvement made over time.

Which is faster M5 or M3?

The M3 is way cheaper, and just as fast. On a race track it’s way faster than the M5 due to it’s massive weight advantage. Unless you have a large family, than the M3 is way better than the M5.

Is BMW M5 expensive to maintain?

A BMW M5 will cost about $14,667 for maintenance and repairs during its first 10 years of service. This is more than the industry average for luxury sedan models by $2,963. There is also a 40.39% chance that a M5 will require a major repair during that time. This is 0.83% worse than similar vehicles in this segment.

What is the fastest V8 car?

Top 20 Fastest V8 Cars Top Speed list

  • Koenigsegg Jesko 5.1 V8 BiTurbo – [2019]
  • Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut 5.1 V8 BiTurbo – [2019]
  • SSC Tuatara 6.9L V8 Twin Turbo – [2011]
  • Koenigsegg One 1 5.1 V8 Twin Turbo – [2014]
  • SSC Ultimate Aero TT – [2008]
  • Koenigsegg Agera R 5.0 V8 – [2012]
  • Koenigsegg Agera 5L V8 – [2011]

Which BMW M5 is the fastest?

BMW M5 CS. It’s no surprise that the BMW M5 CS is the fastest accelerating car in the Bavarian lineup. Not only is it the most powerful M5 ever made, it’s actually the most powerful BMW of any kind of all time, with 627 horsepower.

How fast is a 2010 BMW M5?

155 mph
With 500 hp, the naturally aspirated 5 Liter 40v quad-cam V10 gasoline engine (BMW S85B50) accelerates this M5 to 62 mph in 4.7 seconds and on to a maximum speed of 155 mph.