What kind of Bali blinds do you use?

Bali Solar Shades are see-through shades specially engineered to give you as much sunlight, outdoor view, and UV protection as possible. These sun shields are the perfect way to enjoy your sunny spaces all year.

How do I Turn Off the led on my Bali blinds?

On the remote, quickly press and release the program button twice until the LED flashes amber and green. Then press and hold the program button on the shade for 3 seconds. When the LED flashes green, release. The shade will jog once and all LEDs will then turn off. The shade is now paired with the remote.

How long does battery last for Bali blinds?

NEW rechargeable battery pack: Charges completely in five hours. Lasts for a year. Easy step-by-step instructions to setup and control shades, devices, and gateways. Enhance home security and look like you’re at home (even when you’re away) with shades that raise and lower automatically at set times of the day.

How can I control my Bali motorized shades?

Control from your phone or with your voice from anywhere. Connect Bali motorized shades with your gateway device or the Bali motorization app to control your shades on your phone or with your voice. Uses gateway device that connects the app to shades and devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Where do I find the identification label on my Bali blinds?

The identification label can be found by removing your blind or shade from the installation brackets. Please provide the following original order information: This can be found on the packing list, installation parts list or troubleshooting tips that shipped with your blind or shade.

Where to buy custom blinds and shades at Lowe’s?

At Lowe’s Custom Blinds and Shades Store we have something for every room and home. Shop our collection of Custom Vertical Cellular Shades. This vertical application is ideally suited for patio doors as the shade will stack tightly to one side.

Is there a warranty on Bali window treatments?

Bali custom window treatments are proudly backed with our comprehensive warranty. If anything goes wrong, our best in the industry customer service team—based in the United States—will provide you with the information you need to process your warranty claim or obtain replacement parts.

Where can I buy Bali custom window treatments?

Ready to buy Bali custom window treatments? Visit one of our online retail partners! Want to browse through sample books, see product samples, or pick up some swatches? Or just prefer to buy in person? Find a store near you!

What kind of Blinds can I get for my home?

From the glamour of wood blinds to the simplicity of vinyl blinds, we offer custom blinds for every budget. Or, protect your home from light and UV rays with custom shades.