What is wind zone in unity?

You can create the effect of wind on your terrain by adding one or more objects with Wind Zone components. Trees within a wind zone will bend in a realistic animated fashion and the wind itself will move in pulses to create natural patterns of movement among the tree.

How do you add wind to trees in Assassin’s Creed Unity?

Using Wind Zones in Unity is really simple. First of all, to create a new wind zone just click on Game Object > Create General > Wind Zone. Place the wind zone (depending on the type) near the trees created with the tree creator and watch it interact with your trees!.

What is wind zone?

A wind zone is the rating of the amount of wind pressure a manufactured home, also known as an off-site built home, is built to withstand. Wind zones are determined by the amount of wind pressure in an area. The higher the possible wind pressure in an area, the higher rate of the wind zone.

How many wind zones are there in India?

six wind zones
India is geographically divided into six wind zones on the basis of long-term meteorological data.

Which tree is example of unity?

Tree Types Here, some popular options and their symbolic meanings: Oak represents life, health, and family unity.

What is bend factor in unity?

Make Trees bend in the wind If you did not create the Tree in Unity, set the Bend Factor to 1. Click on the Terrain to place the selected Tree. Terrain-based Trees that have a Bend Factor react to Wind Zones by bending and swaying, according to the values of the Wind Zone’s Turbulence and Main properties.

What does wind zone 1 mean?

Wind Zone I equates to a 70-mph fastest-mile wind speed. Wind Zone II equates to a 100-mph fastest-mile wind speed. Wind Zone III equates to a 110-mph fastest-mile wind speed. Manufactured Housing Institute.

What is wind zone4?

Wind Zone 4 consists of areas with a wind speed of greater than 170 mph and Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. The expansion of Wind Zone 4 was an unintended consequence of modifications intended to correlate the wind speeds of the code with the latest version of ASCE 7, ASCE 7-10.

How to create a wind zone in Unity?

Using Wind Zones A wind zone object can be created directly (menu: GameObject > 3D Object > Wind Zone) or you can add the component to any suitable object already in the scene (menu: Component > Miscellaneous > Wind Zone). The inspector for the wind zone has a number of options to control its behaviour.

Why does wind affect rigidbodies and particles in Unity?

However, If I put this script on an object separate from the rigidbody we are moving, and instead of myRigidbody its obj.rigidbody, then it all seems to work. Maybe the velocity of the particle is relative to its emitter and some positional information is causing issues. However, looking into it more, I think I found a fix.

How to create particles that are affected by wind?

This script has a rigidbody follow a particle that is being affected by wind. ParticleSystem. Particle [] particles; particlesSystem = gameObject. GetComponent < ParticleSystem > (); particles = new ParticleSystem. Particle [ 1]; myRigidbody = gameObject. GetComponent < Rigidbody > (); particlesSystem. GetParticles ( particles); particlesSystem.

How to calculate the number of particles in Unity?

Infinity; particlesSystem. simulationSpace = ParticleSystemSimulationSpace. World; particlesSystem. Emit ( 1); particlesSystem. GetParticles ( particles); particlesSystem. SetParticles ( particles, 1);