What is Uridome procedure?

A uridome is applied over the penis in much the same way as a condom. It is made of silicone and is self-adhesive. It can be used for 24 hours, and may be used during the day, or at night, or both, as required. A drainage bag is firmly attached to the end of the uridome.

How do you use a sheath?

Applying the sheath (If you are not circumcised leave the foreskin forward, do not retract it.) Slowly unroll the sheath down the shaft of the penis ensuring that there are no creases and the sheath has stuck evenly to the area. Try not to leave any unrolled sheath at the base of the shaft of the penis.

Why is catheterization needed?

A urinary catheter tube drains urine from your bladder. You may need a catheter because you have urinary incontinence (leakage), urinary retention (not being able to urinate), prostate problems, or surgery that made it necessary. Clean intermittent catheterization can be done using clean techniques.

What is a convene used for?

: to come or bring together as an assembly The legislature convened on Tuesday.

How often should a sheath be changed?

every 24 hours
The sheath should be changed every 24 hours, or in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. water. This will deactivate the adhesive and allow easy removal of the sheath. If it is a clear sheath, soap can be applied over the surface to break down the glue.

What is a Conveen catheter?

Conveen® is a discreet, reliable alternative to absorbent solutions[JL1] . Instead of merely being absorbed, urine gets funnelled away from your body and stored in a discreet bag secured comfortably to your leg. This keeps you dry and comfortable.

What is an uridome and what does it do?

A uridome is an external urinary device that fits onto the penis to drain urine for men with incontinence. It is not suitable for all men, so men need to be assessed for suitability, fitting and ability of the skin on the penis to tolerate the condom.

How is a condom catheter used to collect urine?

Condom catheters are external urinary catheters that are worn like a condom. They collect urine as it drains out of your bladder and send it to a collection bag strapped to your leg. They’re typically used by men who have urinary incontinence (can’t control their bladder).

Do you have to reapplie uridome every day?

The tubing from the appliance is connected to either a bedside collection bag or a leg bag, ensuring the tubing is not kinked and the bag is lower than the bladder. The penis should be observed for oedema and discolouration; if this is detected, the appliance must be removed immediately and reapplied more loosely.

Which is better a urinary condom or an indwelling catheter?

Using a uridome is a safe, more comfortable, less restrictive and convenient option for men who are incontinent. The urinary condom causes less infection than indwelling catheters, although the skin of the penis needs extra care. When appropriate to fit, the use of a urinary sheath is preferable to an indwelling catheter.