What is the use of Rowatinex?

Rowatinex® helps to dissolve/break down and remove (disintegrate and eliminate) kidney and urinary tract stones. Rowatinex® relieves muscle spasm thus reducing the pain of renal and urinary colic. It increases blood flow and reduces inflammation, which could be associated with the presence of kidney stones.

Is Rowatinex over the counter?

Rx: Rowatinex Capsules REMINDER: A doctor’s prescription is required to purchase this product.

What is Rowatinex made of?

Each soft gelatin capsule contains: Pinene (α + β) 31 mg, Camphene 15 mg, Cineol 3 mg, Fenchone 4 mg, Borneol 10 mg, Anethol 4 mg, Olive Oil 33 mg.

What is the best time to take Rowatinex?

Rowatinex® must only be taken by swallowing the whole capsule. Do not bite or chew the capsules. The recommended dose for adults is: 1 capsule 4 to 5 times daily before meals.

When should I take sambong tablet?

RE-LEAF FORTE 500 mg: 1 tablet 3 times a day. As Anti-urolithiasis: 40 to 50 mg/kg body weight per day in 3 equal doses. Patients must also drink an additional 3 liters of water per 24 hours to prevent dehydration related to diuretic intake. Normal daily intake of water is 6-8 glasses/day.

How long can I take Rowatinex?

Rowatinex may increase the long-term success rate of SWL, especially when used for more than 4 weeks without significant adverse effects.

Can I take 2 Rowatinex?

All I know is the pain eventually subsided and I felt better after taking the Rowatinex. The instructions say you can take two pills up to three times daily. I take two or three capsules every night before bedtime now, just as a preventative and haven’t had any problems since.

How long can you take Rowatinex?

What is the side effect of Rowatinex?

Like all medicines, Rowatinex® can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them. A small number of patients have noted side effects such as: slight and temporary stomach upset (gastric disturbance). being sick (has been rarely reported).

Is sambong safe?

This antiurolithic and diuretic drug formulation derived from sambong leaves is included in the Philippine National Formulary. It provides a clinically-proven effective yet affordable, safe, and non-invasive alternative to expensive treatments for kidney stones and edema. Sambong tablet is a patented technology.

What is the side effect of sambong?

Sambong can cause allergic reaction for people sensitive to ragweed plants and its relatives. Side effect may include itching and skin irritation.

Can sambong cure kidney stones?

A herbal medicine that is clinically proven to dissolve kidney stones, and reduce size and number of urinary tract stones.