What is the significance of the music box in White Collar?

The music box is one of many pieces of art that Neal Caffrey has been associated with during his criminal career. It belongs to the Russians, but was stolen by the Nazis during World War II. Years before Neal was imprisoned, he and Alex Hunter went looking for it at the Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen.

Why Did Fowler want the music box?

He wants the music box because it is the key to find a Nazi treasure that is hidden in a U-boat.

What was in the evidence box White Collar?

Instead of proving his father’s innocence — and more specifically that his father was set up crooked politician Senator Pratt (Titus Welliver) — the box contained proof that James shot his supervising officer with his own gun moments before he was arrested by Ellen, his former partner, for the unspeakable crime.

Is Rebecca in White Collar bad?

Rachel Turner, more commonly known by her alias of Rebecca Lowe, was a clever con artist and criminal on White Collar. Introduced as a museum worker under her alias, until she was fired, she ended up being the true main antagonist of season 5.

Why does Peter have Kate?

Peter contacts Kate secretly in order to pass messages or codes to Neal. He believes that Kate is merely using him and that she could possibly be working for Fowler, the man who has control over her.

What happened to Diana on White Collar?

Diana was absent for much of the first season, as she transferred to the Washington, D.C. office for a desk job at the end of the pilot. However, she returns to New York in “Out of the Box” (1.14) to help Peter investigate Garrett Fowler, and eventually rejoins Peter’s team.

Is Kate from White Collar actually dead?

Adler pulled a billion dollar Ponzi scheme and vanished, along with a lot of people’s—including Neal and Kate’s—money. Kate is later killed in a plane explosion, leaving Neal depressed and angry.

Why did Sara Ellis leave White Collar?

They did break up after she discovered that Neal and Mozzie were hiding a massive treasure, but that didn’t stop her from having feelings for him. They rekindled their relationship until she had to move to London for a job offer. Since her move to London, White Collar never featured Sara again.

Who gets the evidence box white collar?

After securing Ellen’s evidence box from the Empire State Building — “It’s no 18th century music box, but what is?” remarks Mozzie — Neal’s pop James confronts Senator Pratt. Little does he know, Moz didn’t trust him at all and swapped the contents of the box, giving the real evidence to Neal.

Does Ellen get killed in white collar?

One day, Senator Terrance Pratt, a former dirty cop that was on the Flynn’s payroll, reaches out to the younger Flynn and tells him that he has information on the people who took down his family — Ellen Parker (Kathryn Hill) and James Bennett. With this information, Flynn goes after Ellen and shoots and kills her.

What happened to the U boat Treasure in white collar?

Keller tries to force Neal to hand everything over to him, but Neal is rescued by the FBI. Soon after, Neal discovers that in order to force him to give Keller the treasure, Keller has kidnapped Elizabeth and revealed to Peter that Neal did have possession of the missing treasure and had willingly hidden it from him.

Who does Neal end up with on White Collar?

While working one final case, Neal fake proposes to Sara but it is clear that he meant every word of it. Sara then moves away leaving Neal and ultimately ending their relationship.

Where did the music box from white collar come from?

It belongs to the Russians, but was stolen by the Nazis during World War II. Years before Neal was imprisoned, he and Alex Hunter went looking for it at the Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen.

What happens at the end of white collar?

The final moments of the series revealed Neal in his best suit and fedora walking the streets of Paris with a smile on his face. TVGuide.com spoke with Eastin about his decision to change the ending, what fans didn’t see in the finale and whether a White Collar TV movie will ever happen.

When did the first season of white collar come out?

The first season of White Collar was released in the USA under the title White Collar: The Complete First Season as a widescreen four-disc Region 1 DVD box set on July 13, 2010.

What was the big twist in the finale of white collar?

After Neal ( Matt Bomer) and Keller ( Ross McCall) got away from the rest of the now-apprehended Pink Panthers with a nice chunk of change from the Federal Reserve heist, Keller got greedy, and the two of them struggled with a gun before it went off, shooting Neal in the chest.