What is the secret code of Castle Clash?

All working Castle Clash codes

All working Castle Clash codes for free Gems and more All working Castle Clash codes for free Gems and more
Code Reward
B9295RGJ Hero Scraps
BFBUFFYF Gems and other items
BMVK7DJW Gems and other items

How do you enter codes in Castle Clash?

Here’s what to do for Castle Clash redeem codes. Open the game, and bring up the settings menu. Find the box that says “Enter your IGG ID,” and type or paste your code.

How do you get hero crystals in Castle Clash?

Hero crystals are used to hire heroes from a hero pool. IGG determines which heroes and soulstones are available to obtain, should you use your crystals. There are also soulstones available and currently the only way to obtain is through the bazaar.

How do you get more gems in Castle crush?

  1. Crushing the Enemy Castle. Castle Crush is a strategy game that uses cards to summon inside a lane to battle with another character.
  2. The Early Game.
  3. A Well-Rounded Deck.
  4. Use Clearing Cards at the Right Time.
  5. Save Some Cards for the Late Game.
  6. Open Gold Chests for Gems.

How do you get bonus gems in Castle Clash?

You can get bonus Gems from Bazaar packs. Gems from these packs (not inclusive of bonus Gems) will also count towards any ongoing Gem purchase events.

How do you get free legendary heroes in Castle Clash?

Visit Castle Clash for the first time in the day.

  1. You will get at least 2 legendary heroes each month for free. At one point in the calendar, you will get another Druid, which is a legendary hero.
  2. In the last day of the calendar, you will get a legendary hero card. Open it and you will get a random legendary hero.

How do you hire a hero in Castle Clash?

Hire more powerful Heroes at the Hero Altar! Switch to Item Mode in the “Heroes Altar” to store hired cards and essences in your Warehouse’s Item Trunk. You can hire Heroes by spending Shards, Soulstones, Gems, or Honor Badges.

What are hero crystals used for?

Hero Crystals (also named Power Crystals) and Evolution Crystals are used to increase the maximum level of your generals up to level 80. As they level up, their stats will increase (a lot at certain levels, and even more if combined with Promotions).

What do you use prestige for in Castle Clash?


Prestige Trade Prestige in the Warehouse to exchange for items. Prestige is gained via Expeditions, Team Here Be Monsters, Team Dungeons, Lost Battlefield, and Squad Showdown.
ATK Boost All Heroes gain an ATK Boost.
HP Boost All Heroes gain an HP Boost.
ACC Boost All Heroes gain an ACC Boost.