What is the scientific name for a Moorish idol?

Zanclus cornutus
Moorish idol/Scientific names

Zanclus cornutus (Linnaeus, 1758) Common name: Moorish Idol. Synonyms and Other Names: Chaetodon cornutus (original combination); Zanclus canescens (synonym) Identification: The Moorish idol is the only species in the Family Zanclidae.

Are Moorish idols angelfish?

And, while the shape of the Moorish idol reminds folks of the familiar freshwater “angelfish” they have in their home aquarium, the two are not related. The Moorish idol, Zanclus cornutus, is unique — the only member of the Family Zanclidae.

Are Moorish idols butterflyfish?

The Moorish idol differs from butterflyfish in having a prominent black, triangular anal fin. The eyes are set high on the fish’s deeply keeled body; in adults, perceptible bumps are located above each. The anal fin may have two or three spines. Moorish idols reach a maximum length of 23 cm (9.1 in).

How big do Moorish idols get?

Size: Adults usually reach a length of seven inches (18 cm) however, some have been reported reaching lengths of 9.1 inches (23 cm). Behavior: Moorish idols are diurnal (active during the day), spending nights on the bottom of the reef.

How much does a Moorish idol cost?

Item # Description Price
002826 Moorish Idol, Small: over 2-2.5″, Hawaii * Restriction On Guarantee $149.99
002827 Moorish Idol, Medium: over 2.5-4.5″, Hawaii * Restriction On Guarantee $159.99
002828 Moorish Idol, Large: over 4.5-6.5″, Hawaii * Restriction On Guarantee $199.99

Are Moorish idols easy to keep?

Moorish idols have often been described as impossible to keep in captivity. Even expert aquarists, whom have dedicated entire tank plans to keeping them are met with complete failure. Some believe a sponge that exists on wild reefs cannot be cultivated in the home aquarium.

What fish can live with Moorish idol?

Tankmates. Typically the Moorish Idol is a moderately-peaceful fish best kept with other non-aggressive species. Potential choices for tankmates include Chromis, carnivorous grazers such as wrasses, and cave-dwellers such as more peaceful dottybacks.

What eats Moorish idols?

“The usual suspects” in the way of marine organisms that die way too easily in aquariums include pinnatus batfish, ribbon moray eels, cleaner wrasses and the Moorish idol (Zanclus cornutus).

Can you keep a Moorish idol?

Moorish Idols. Impossible to keep. Whether seen schooling in Hawaii or casted as “Gill”, the wise Moorish Idol from the beloved Disney Pixar film “Finding Nemo”, this fish is quite desirable in the hobby. Sadly, The vast majority of these fish do not survive past a few months in the home aquaria.

Is Moorish idol reef safe?

Like surgeonfish, they are susceptible to external parasites and also known to feed on seaweed. Although in common with marine angelfish, they also feed on sponges, coral polyps, tunicates and other micro and macro invertebrates. Due to this behavior, a Moorish idol is certainly not considered reef safe.

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Do Moorish idols eat coral?

Moorish Idols will often pick at large polypod stony corals and certain soft coral polyps. Although this fish primarily eats coralline algae and sponge in nature, this doesn’t mean that it might not pick at other types of sessile invertebrates, or maybe even motile crustaceans.

What is the binomial name for a Moorish idol?

Binomial name: Zanclus cornutus (Carolus Linnaeus, 1758) The Moorish idol (Zanclus cornutus), is a marine fish species, the sole extant representative of the family Zanclidae (from the Greek ζαγκίος, zagkios, “oblique”) in order Perciformes.

What kind of habitat does the Moorish Idol Live in?

A common inhabitant of tropical to subtropical reefs and lagoons, the Moorish idol is notable for its wide distribution throughout the Indo-Pacific. A number of butterflyfishes (genus Heniochus) closely resemble the Moorish idol.

How big does a Moorish idol fish get?

The species grows to 24 cm in length. The Moorish Idol is a beautiful tropical species that has a has a very long, white dorsal fin. The species is commonly seen by divers in the tropics but also occasionally in temperate waters.

Where can I find Moorish idols in Tanzania?

Moorish idols are a common sight on the reefs in Tanzania and are often seen in shoals of three or four fish. At times of the year, normally during summer large shoals are often seen. They feed during the day and at night they adopt a drab coloration at night presumably for camouflage purposes.