What is the purpose of artistic gymnastics?

Artistic gymnastics is a dynamic sport where gymnasts complete short routines on equipment specially designed for the sport. The game is known for its artistry and grace and requires gymnasts to display exceptional balance, strength, and flexibility while doing somersaults, flips, and other acrobatic moves.

What type of sport is artistic gymnastics?

Artisitic gymnastics is an Olympic sport which involves physical strength, power, agility, flexibility, grace, control, coordination, and balance. Gymnastics is governed by the Federation Internationale de Gymnastique. Competitive artistic gymnastics is the most popular gymnastic events.

How many types of artistic gymnastics are there?

Artistic gymnastics. Artistic Gymnastics is usually divided into Men’s and Women’s Gymnastics. Men compete on six events: Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, and Horizontal Bar, while women compete on four: Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, and Floor Exercise.

What is the highest level in artistic gymnastics?

ELITE: This is the top level in gymnastics. Only 2% of all gymnasts will compete at this level. Competitions are held at the National and International levels. The gymnasts at this level represent the USA in most international competitions including the Olympics.

What are the different levels of artistic gymnastics?

Artistic gymnasts compete only with other gymnasts in their level. Gymnasts start at the lowest level of competition and advance to higher levels by learning gymnastics skills and achieving qualifying scores at competitions. In America, levels range from 1 to 10, then junior elite and senior elite.

When did gymnastics become known as artistic gymnastics?

In its present form, gymnastics evolved in Bohemia and what is now known as Germany at the beginning of the 19th century. The term “artistic gymnastics” was introduced to distinguish freestyle performances from those used by the military.

When was gymnasts allowed to compete in the Olympics?

Gymnastics was included in the 1896 Summer Olympics, but female gymnasts were not allowed to participate in the Olympics until 1928. The World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, held since 1903, were only open to men until 1934.

When was the International Gymnastics Federation ( FIG ) founded?

The FIG was founded in 1881, and it remains the governing body of international gymnastics. The organization initially included only three countries and was called the European Gymnastics Federation until 1921, when the first non-European countries joined and it was reorganized into its present form.