What is the message of Touching Spirit Bear?

The major theme of the book is that you need to overcome your past before you can move forward. Cole learns that he cannot run away from his past. He has suffered, but that suffering is a part of him. He has to learn from his past, and how to overcome it.

Why did the Spirit Bear let Cole touch it?

When he regains consciousness, Spirit Bear is standing right next to him, staring at him. Strangely, Cole has lost his fear, and he decides to touch the bear so he can know what it feels like before it kills him.

What does it mean to be invisible in Touching Spirit Bear?

In Touching Spirit Bear, Cole tells Peter that being invisible means ”being part of life’s circle and accepting it.

What did Cole feel when he touched the Spirit Bear?

Cole also realizes that he can’t redo his past; this moment is all he has. He senses that he’s starting to slip away, and though he’s sad to die, he feels content to pass away having trusted the Spirit Bear and having the bear trust him. Cole puts his head down and feels like he’s floating.

What is the theme of Ghost of Spirit Bear?

The book’s theme is not just about bullying and its tragic affects on victims, teachers, parents, schools, and community. Bullies can change their behavior. Victims heal and forgive.

What lesson about forgiveness does Touching Spirit Bear teach us?

What lesson about forgiveness does Touching Spirit Bear teach us? The most important lesson I found in this book is that how we learn to forgive others. The book shows us that you must forgive yourself in order to move on with yourself. In the book we learn that Peter was an important part of Cole’s journey.

What injuries did Cole have in Touching Spirit Bear?

While Cole is able to cause some damage to the bear (he was able to stab it with a knife and also tear out a fistful of its fur), the bear does extensive damage to Cole in the form of ripped skin, multiple contusions and broken bones throughout his body (arms, ribs and legs).

What does Cole do when he sees the Spirit Bear again?

When he sees the Spirit Bear standing 20 feet away, what does Cole do, and what does this act symbolize? He spits at the bear. After he spits at the Spirit Bear, Cole expects it to kill him.

What happens in chapter 21 of Touching Spirit Bear?

In chapter 21 of Touching Spirit Bear, we will see how Cole is tested. He is faced with trials and temptations which he overcomes very well. He is on his way to healing. He has already progressed since the last time he was on this island.

What happens in chapter 23 of Touching Spirit Bear?

By Ben Mikaelsen Cole realizes that to become invisible, he has to clear his mind. The last time he saw Spirit Bear, he was so close to death that he could hardly thinkā€”he had completely given up control over his life. They stare at each other for a moment before Spirit Bear walks away.

What does Cole say after the Spirit Bear attacks him?

“If I saw a Spirit Bear, I’d kill it,” Cole said. Edwin tightened his grip as if in warning. “Whatever you do to the animals, you do to yourself. Remember that.”

Is Touching Spirit Bear a true story?

In its most simple definition, Touching Spirit Bear is considered realistic fiction. Because it is not a true story, the novel is typical fiction, and because the events of the novel could happen to any person, it is also realistic.