What is the lesson in Owl Moon?

This picture book is described as a family story about a girl and her father who go owling for the first time on a cold winter’s night. Along the way they encounter a Great Horned Owl. It is gentle yet adventurous, quiet yet full of sound. The book teaches students about patience and appreciation for nature.

Where is the setting in Owl Moon?

the woods
The physical setting of Owl Moon is in the woods. Jane Yolen illustrated this when she said the little girl and her dad walked toward the woods. The time setting of Owl Moon is late at night, during the winter.

What reading level is Owl Moon?

Owl Moon

Interest Level Reading Level Word Count
Grades K – 3 Grades 2 – 5 751

What are the metaphors in Owl Moon?

Simile & Metaphor

  • The trees stood still as giant statues.
  • Somewhere behind us a train whistle blew, long and low, like a sad, sad song.
  • And when their voices faded away it was as quiet as a dream.
  • The moon made his face into a silver mask.
  • Then the owl pumped its great wings and lifted off the branch like a shadow.

What is the climax of Owl Moon?

Plot – the turning point or climax in the story was when an owl called back. Pa called out to the owls. They walked further into the woods. The girl and her Pa made it to a clearing in the woods.

What month is the Owl Moon?

Names of Full Moons

Month Names
August/September Barley Moon, Green Corn Moon, Grain Moon
September/October Fruit Moon, Harvest Moon
October/November Blood Moon, Falling Leaf Moon, Hunter’s Moon
November/December Beaver Moon, Dark Moon, Fog Moon, Frosty Moon, Moon Before Yule, Owl Moon, Snow Moon, Storm Moon

What genre is Owl Moon?

Children’s literature
Picture bookFiction
Owl Moon/Genres

Who are the characters in Owl Moon?

The models for the Owl Moon characters:

  • Little girl in Owl Moon with friend.
  • Daughter of little girl in Owl Moon with friend.
  • “Pa” from Owl Moon with friend.

What owl is in Owl Moon?

great horned owl
The story deals with a father who takes his child owling for the first time on a cold winter night. Along their way, they encounter a great horned owl.

Is Owl Moon a poem?

This gentle tone poem about a father taking his daughter (yes–it’s a girl!) out owling one cold wintry night is arguably my best book. The only paperback edition so far is the Scholastic Book Club edition, not sold in bookstores. …

What does the girl learn in Owl Moon?

The girl learns that to go owling you must be very quiet, make your own heat, and be brave, but most of all, you must have hope. Her own hope is rewarded with the sighting of a Great Horned Owl. The story is beautifully illustrated with pictures and sensory language that create the mood of a moonlit winter night.

What’s the best way to play Owl Moon?

The “owl” hoots quietly until “it” locates the “owl”. Make sure the area is barrier free so “it” stays safe. It’s a good activity to play outside or in a gym. As an added activity, see if “it” can guess who is playing the “owl”.

What should I teach my students about owls?

Owls eat rodents, which controls rodent populations-a good thing for humans. The Snow Owl hunts in the daytime unlike other owls. Find a local wildlife conservation agency that can accommodate a visit by your students. If a field trip cannot be arranged, perhaps a representative can visit the classroom to discuss owls. 1.

How is Owl Moon a Caldecott winner used?

Check out the companion articles in the series section below! Owl Moon, a Caldecott winner, can be used with children young and old. The young ones will enjoy the adventure of a child and her father as they search for an owl on a quiet winter night. The older children will learn the variety of literary devices used in the text of the book.