What is the function of trimmer resistor?

Trimmer potentiometers, sometimes referred to as trim pots or trimmer resistors are a type of adjustable potentiometer (variable resistor). They are used to calibrate and fine-tune circuits. Trimmer potentiometers are typically constructed from cermet or have a carbon composition.

Is trimpot same as potentiometer?

Resistors. Resistor trimmers generally come in the form of a potentiometer (pot), often called a trimpot. Potentiometers have three terminals, but can be used as a normal two-terminal resistor by joining the wiper to one of the other terminals, or just using two terminals.

What is a trimpot and how does it work?

A trimpot or trimmer potentiometer is a small potentiometer which is used for adjustment, tuning and calibration in circuits. When they are used as a variable resistance (wired as a rheostat) they are called preset resistors.

What is the symbol for a potentiometer?

The IEC standard symbol for the potentiometer is a rectangle between two straight lines and the ANSI standard potentiometer symbol contains two straight lines with zigzag lines in the middle.

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Can we use a preset in place of a potentiometer?

Preset pots and potentiometer almost work like the same, but they both have totally different applications. The preset pot comes in small package and can be mounted on the PCB or perf board. Due to its small size the power rating is also less than knob type potentiometers.

What is a rheostat symbol?

The zigzag lines with three terminals represent the American standard symbol of rheostat and the rectangular box with three terminals represents the international standard symbol of rheostat.

How does a potentiometer work simple?

Potentiometers work by varying the position of a sliding contact across a uniform resistance. A potentiometer has the two terminals of the input source fixed to the end of the resistor. To adjust the output voltage the sliding contact gets moved along the resistor on the output side.

What is the formula of potentiometer?

A potentiometer consists of a long wire with uniform area of cross section which is made up of manganin or constantan. Potential gradient (K) is the potential drop per unit length. It is calculated as V/L, where V is the potential difference between two points and L is the distance between two points.

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