What is the function of ATA specifications 100?

History. ATA Spec 100 was originally published in 1956. It established an industry-wide numbering scheme to organize aviation technical documentation as well as content and formatting guidelines for its conventional printed distribution. ATA Spec 2100 focused on electronic data exchange implemented in SGML.

What is the full form of ATA?

ATA stands for Advanced Technology Attachment. ATA is the older name of PATA. ATA is renamed Parallel ATA (PATA) when newer Serial ATA (SATA) was introduced. ATA is a standard physical interface that connects the storage devices like hard-drive, CD-ROM, and other drives to the motherboard.

What is the purpose of ATA iSpec 2200?

The objective of iSpec 2200 is to minimize cost and effort expended by operators and manufacturers, improve information quality and timeliness, and facilitate manufacturers’ delivery of data that meets airline operational needs.

What ATA chapter is oil level sensor?

ATA Chapter 79, Oil – Parts Details.

What are Aircraft ATA codes?

ATA chapters (sometimes called “ATA 100 System Codes”) are a way of categorizing the various systems that are on a plane, originally created by the Air Transport Association in 1956. Look at any Component Maintenance Manual (CMM) for any civilian aircraft. At the bottom of every single page is the ATA chapter for that manual.

What is an Aviation ATA code?

ATA IS THE ABBREVIATION FOR AIR TRANSPORT ASSOCIATION. THIS IS COMMON KNOWLEDGE WITHIN THE AVIATION CIRCLE. Air Transport Association of America (ATA), Specification code. It was developed by the FAA’s, Regulatory Support Division (AFS-).

What is ATA specification?

ATA Spec 100 and iSpec 2200 are information standards for aviation maintenance and flight operations published by Airlines for America (formerly Air Transport Association).

What is ATA list?

The ATA extended List is a breakdown to para (second two numbers e.g. 5-00) and sub para (third two numbers e.g. 5-10-00) for each ATA chapter.