What is the fastest speed of a Firebolt broomstick?

one hundred and fifty miles per hour
Description. A Firebolt broomstick} The Firebolt is capable of going from nought to one hundred and fifty miles per hour in ten seconds. This broomstick also boasts an unbreakable Braking Charm, superb balance and precision, and hovers at reasonable mounting height when let go.

Is there a broom faster than the Firebolt?

1 Thunderbolt VII The latest in development for racing brooms is the Thunderbolt VII, which came out around 2014. It was quickly manufactured in Manchester, England as a direct competitor to the recently released Firebolt Supreme. It was used by the Nigerian National Quidditch team during the 2014 Quidditch World Cup.

How much is the Firebolt broomstick?

Maybe somewhere between 800-1,000 galleons.

What happens to Harry’s Nimbus 2000 broomstick and how does he get the Firebolt?

During his third year, his Nimbus 2000 gets destroyed when he gets attacked by a Dementor and falls off his broom in a match against Hufflepuff. Harry then receives an anonymous Christmas gift, which turned out to be from his Godfather Sirius Black, containing Harry’s very own Firebolt. A toy broomstick.

What broom does Draco have?

Nimbus 2001
Draco Malfoy with his Nimbus 2001 Released in August, 1992, it was faster than its predecessor, the Nimbus 2000. It officially became the fastest broom in existence, until the launch of the Firebolt in 1993. The broom itself is black and silver with revolving stirrups.

How did Sirius Black afford a Firebolt?

It’s actually quite simple. Sirius made an anonymous purchase with instruction to take the money from a specific vault number in Gringotts. Only the goblins would know the vault number belongs to the Blacks, and evidently they didn’t care.

What is the fastest broomstick?

The Firebolt
The Firebolt is the fastest broom in the world. It is used to play Quidditch, one of the wizard sports. The broom is 36 inches in length with metal handles and pedals.

When did Harry Potter get the Firebolt broom?

— Ron Weasley seeing Harry’s Firebolt broomstick for the first time [src] In 1993, Harry Potter received a Firebolt racing broom as a Christmas present from an anonymous benefactor, following the destruction of his Nimbus 2000 by the Whomping Willow in a Quidditch match against Hufflepuff.

Which is the fastest broomstick in Harry Potter?

Top 10 Fastest Broomsticks in Harry Potter. 1 1. Firebolt Supreme. Used By: Bulgarian Quidditch Team. 2 2. Thunderbolt VII. 3 3. Varápidos. 4 4. Yajirushi. 5 5. Starsweeper XXI.

Which is the Cardinal broomstick in Harry Potter?

Namely, the Nimbus 2000, which is Harry’s cardinal broomstick when he joins the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Sirius then gives him an upgraded broomstick—the esteemed Firebolt.

When did the Harry Potter Firebolt Supreme come out?

By 2014, the Firebolt had been superseded by the Firebolt Supreme, apparently manufactured by the same makers. The Firebolt is a costly broom and Harry Potter was one of the first to own one.