What is the difference between Western culture and Indian culture?

Indian Culture has a variety of religions like Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, etc. while in Western Culture the people mostly belong to Christianity. In Indian Culture, joint families are common, however nuclear families are also there. Conversely, In Western Culture, small families are there.

What is the difference between Western and Eastern culture?

Eastern culture includes Asia and the Middle East, while the western world includes South and North America, European countries, New Zealand and Australia. Western culture allows people to be more open and critical. …

What are the values of Indian culture?

Indians generally place a high value on harmony and unity with others, keeping a strong nexus with their community and relatives. A unified and interdependent community or family provides a support system that an individual can rely on daily.

What are the top 5 differences between Western and Eastern culture?

Difference Between Eastern and Western Culture

  • Eastern Culture: Arranged marriages are common.
  • Western Culture: Love marriages are common.
  • Eastern Culture: People are conservative and traditional.
  • Western Culture: People are open-minded and flexible.
  • Eastern Culture: Easterners give more priority to family and elders.

Is Western culture affecting Indian culture?

Western Culture Impact: The effect of western culture is greatly seen in our customs, tradition, social and moral behavior, our love and respect for others. These are contradictory to Indian culture which has always taught to live in harmony with each other and always love and respect everyone at home.

Which culture is best?

Italy. #1 in Cultural Influence Rankings.

  • France. #2 in Cultural Influence Rankings.
  • United States. #3 in Cultural Influence Rankings.
  • United Kingdom. #4 in Cultural Influence Rankings.
  • Japan. #5 in Cultural Influence Rankings.
  • Spain. #6 in Cultural Influence Rankings.
  • South Korea. #7 in Cultural Influence Rankings.
  • Switzerland.
  • What are the similarities between Eastern and Western cultures?

    Eastern and Western cultures resemble each other in some notable aspects. The first similarity is the adherence to religious beliefs. Both civilizations shape their lives according to their religious beliefs. As an example, Christians living in the West go to the church every Sunday to pray.

    What are the main features of Indian culture?

    Features of Indian Culture:

    • Longevity and continuity.
    • Unity in diversity.
    • Tolerance.
    • Amalgamation of Spirituality and Materialism.

    What is unique about Indian culture answer?

    Answer: The Indian society can be considered as a unique one regarding its ability to nourish and sutain its ancient culture till the modern times. Considering how cultures change fast due to influence, this is a significant achievement.

    How did western culture Indian society?

    The new technologies, institutions, knowledge, values and temper which the British people had brought with them, transformed the Indian society and culture a lot. Due to Western impact, India was more progressive in out-look and attitude.

    What are the advantages of western culture?

    What can we adopt from western culture?

    • Society and community value system. Deep-rooted family values are part of the Indian culture.
    • Habit of Cleanliness. Most of us have the habit of throwing garbage here and there instead of putting it in its proper place.
    • Traffic Rules.
    • Transportation.
    • Accountability.
    • Professionalism.

    How are ethics different in eastern and Western cultures?

    Hence, people from different cultures tend to have different sets of ethics. This is especially evident in ethics of groups of people from the Eastern culture as compared to people from the Western culture. Ethics and morality are not inbuilt, they are taught.

    Why is Western culture so important to India?

    Western culture can also be referred to as advanced culture; this is because its ideas and values promote the development and sustainment of advanced civilization. Western culture has had quite an influence in india but it has its pros & cons too. There are many good things in the western culture which we have adopted.

    Which is the culture which is followed in India?

    The culture which is followed in India, is Indian culture. The culture which is followed in most western countries like USA, Spain, Canada, Europe etc. is known as Western culture. Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism.

    What’s the difference between the eastern and Western world?

    Eastern world refers to countries in the Asia and Middle East whereas Western world refers to North and South America, Europe, Australia and New Zeeland. East and West may have numerous differences based on culture. These differences can be noted mainly in people’s behavior and attitudes.