What is the best treatment for extracapsular extension prostate cancer?

The researchers concluded, “Adjuvant radiotherapy following radical prostatectomy is generally well tolerated and prolongs biochemical recurrence-free survival compared with radical prostatectomy alone in patients with positive margins or extracapsular extension.”

What is ECE prostate cancer?

Extracapsular extension (ECE) is commonly seen even in the earliest stages of prostate cancer. Prior studies have reported the incidence of ECE to range from 15% to 60% in patients with clinically organ-confined disease.

What does focal Extraprostatic extension mean?

The degree of extraprostatic extension can be classified as focal or extensive (also referred to as ‘established’ or ‘nonfocal’). Focal is defined as extraprostatic glands which occupy no more than one high power field on no more than two sections, often described as “established”.

Can MRI detect Extraprostatic extension?

MRI grading for extraprostatic extension combined with clinical variables (prostate-specific antigen, Gleason score, and digital rectal examination) showed the highest diagnostic performance for prediction of pathologic extraprostatic extension of prostate cancer.

Is perineural invasion metastasis?

Perineural invasion (PNI) can be found in a variety of malignant tumors. It is a sign of tumor metastasis and invasion and portends the poor prognosis of patients.

What is Periprostatic tissue?

Abstract. Prostate is surrounded by a specific fat depot called periprostatic adipose tissue (PPAT) that contributes through paracrine mechanisms to prostate cancer (PCa) progression. Like other white adipose tissues, PPAT stores lipids and is an endocrine organ.

What is extraprostatic extension prostate?

Extraprostatic extension is the spreading of prostate cancer out of the prostate gland. Extraprostatic extension denotes a later stage of prostate cancer.

What is the abbreviation for extracapsular extension?

What is the abbreviation for Extracapsular Extension? Extracapsular Extension can be abbreviated as ECE ECE – Extracapsular Extension in Medical & Science by AcronymsAndSlang.com

Can prostatectomy spread prostate cancer?

However, prostate cancer cure is only possible from prostatectomy if prostate cancer is limited to the prostate. During radical prostatectomy, the removed prostate is examined under a microscope to see if prostate cancer has reached the edge of the prostate. If so, the prostate cancer has probably spread .