What is the best faction in Shogun 2?

Shimazu/Oda are the strongest in the base game. Just different strategies. Shimazu has a better start though and easier economy.

Are vassals good in Shogun 2?

Making vassals can be a useful endeavor: the player gains a new unit or two (usually yari ashigaru, vassals are guaranteed trade partners unless a trade route cannot be established in the first place, and vassals give a portion of their income to their patron clan.

Is Shogun 2 overrated?

Warhammer 2 battles just arent fun enough the carry the fact that game has nothing going on with diplomacy and barely anything with empire building. Shogun 2 (battles) are is extremely overrated.

Is Shogun 2 still good?

Finding an entry point into the Total War series can feel overwhelming. There’s often talk of historical accuracy or AI failings—some since rectified with patches—and in any long-standing series, the differences between games can be difficult to track.

How do you get generals in Shogun 2?

Generals are recruited in five ways: first, they can be sons of a daimyo that come of age; second, a random event may trigger giving the player the option to hire a new general for 1000 koku. Armies that do not have generals that win victories may also trigger the same event.

How do you get a vassal in Shogun 2?

A vassal is created by being utterly superior to your opponent, and they’re aware it is either vassal-ship or death. Aka, diplomatic vassals are only made by beating the crap out of an enemy and offering them vassal-ship in exchange for their services.

What do vassals do in Medieval 2?

In Medieval 2, a Vassal simply becomes your military ally with military access and trade routes. The vassal in question also gives up a portion of it’s income to the protector nation. The vassal can still backstab you in Medieval 2 and there’s no benefit due to not gaining any control over their armies or cities.

Does Shogun 2 hold up?

Shogun 2 looks gorgeous, and its graphics hold up well, even though the game is nearing ten years since release. Everything that made conquering Japan interesting in the first game is present here, with gorgeous execution and deep gameplay systems that work well together.

How do you get a lot of money in Shogun 2?


  1. Build up a surplus of food.
  2. Construct Markets and Ninja Dens.
  3. Train Metsuke.
  4. Ensure that you adopt trade rights with clans that you know you will need to rely on in the long-term.
  5. Attempt to take control of natural resources, luxury goods, and other valuable items of trade.

How do you enter cheats in Shogun Total War?

Type these codes while on the map screen.

  1. Full map: .matteosartori or .daggins.
  2. Unlimited KoKu: .muchkoku.
  3. Unlimited army life: .prototypearmy.
  4. All provinces have copper: .ifoundsomecu.
  5. No construction abilities, negative KoKu, can start new game as Clan Hojo: .conan.
  6. Can build armories in any province on next turn: .viagra.

What does command do in Shogun 2?

It represents the level of morale buffs your general provides to your troops. If you see “+2 command during ambushes” it means that your units will have increased morale on that type of battle. It also helps in autoresolve.