What is the best deck in clash royale for spell Valley?

I would recommend you to choose one heavy damage support card like Wizard, Night Witch, Hunter, Musketeer or Bomber, and the other a flying troop like Baby Dragon, Mega Minion, Minions or at least something that can attack air, like Archers or Minion Horde.

Where is the giant dragon in clash of clans?

The Dragon Cave appears in the final level, Dragon’s Lair, and houses the Giant Dragon. It functions like the Goblin Castle, spawning the Giant Dragon whenever a player’s troop comes near it. When destroyed, the Dragon Cave uses the destroyed Clan Castle texture.

How do you beat the Dragon’s Lair Raid?

There are few strategies to counter the Dragon’s Poison debuff and nuke attack. Apply Decrease Attack debuff to the boss to decrease the incoming damage from his nuke. Inflict a high amount of damage to cancel out the dragon’s purple bar by having multiple nuking (heavy damager) champions in the team.

What gender is a Pekka?

P.E.K.K.A’s gender has been confirmed as female, as one of the Loading Screen Hints states, “The armor on P.E.K.K.A is so heavy that Spring Traps don’t affect her, and also several videos from the official YouTube.”

What does Pekka say when attacked?

According to the wiki, it says “Time to die.” It’s hard to hear though :P. I hear hi katie. The bomber….. dirty up my feet.

Is Freeze spell good clash Royale?

Freeze is effective at stopping Inferno Towers since it can reset their damage ramp-up and disable them for a few seconds. Although situational, it can be used defensively to help stop incoming troops such as the P.E.K.K.A., which can be devastating if it reaches an Arena Tower.

Can we use giant dragon in COC?

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