What is special about Futuroscope?

Futuroscope is the first theme park created in France. Since opening in 1987, it hosted nearly 44 million visitors. Genuine French cultural exception, it is the second theme park in France in terms of turnover. In 2014, Futuroscope won for the 2nd time the Award for Best attraction in the world with the Rabbids.

How many rides are there at Futuroscope?

21 attractions and games on 3 hectares that the whole family will enjoy.

What is Le Futuroscope?

Futuroscope, or Parc du Futuroscope (French pronunciation: ​[paʁk dy fytyʁɔskɔp]), formerly known as Planète Futuroscope, is a French theme park based upon multimedia, cinematographic futuroscope and audio-visual techniques.

Why is it called Futuroscope?

Futuroscope is, as the name implies, a theme park where it revolves around futuristic attractions. There are 20 attractions and 4 shows. These are all about the latest techniques in the field of film and multimedia. There are IMAX movie screens of 900 m2, 4D effects and shows where you look in the future.

Where is Le Futuroscope?

The machine Traveling in Time/Park

When did Futuroscope open?

May 31, 1987

What to do at the Futuroscope in Paris?

Futuroscope is the ideal place to relax in, with 60 hectares of tranquil green countryside and 25 original experiences you won’t find anywhere else: films in giant format, thrill-filled attractions, 3D rides with 4D effects, games, live shows, open-air activities, and more.

When did the Futuroscope in Vienne open?

In total, 50 million visitors have been to the park since it opened in 1987. 1984 : 11 December, first stone placed by René Monory, president of the general council of Vienne. 1987 : 31 May, opens to the public with Kinémax, the Pavillon du Futuroscope and a play zone.

How long are the rides at Futuroscope?

Most of the ‘rides’ are about 10mins long, so queuing for around 45 mins (in the quiet season) was long for such a short event. I was expecting more educational and cutting-edge elements to the experiences, but no; it’s a theme park.

What was the 25 millionth visitor to Futuroscope?

On 18 April, Futuroscope welcomed its 25-millionth visitor. 2002: opening of Destination Cosmos, a new evening spectacle conceived by Yves Pépin : Le Miroir d’Uranie (the Mirror of Uranie) and two new films: Sur les traces du Panda ( China: The Panda Adventure) and Plongeurs sans Limite (Divers Without Limits).