What is so bad about McMansions?

The McMansion has no concept of mass. Another issue with McMansions and mass is the use of too many voids. Some McMansions are so guilty of this they resemble swiss cheese in appearance. In the below example, the masses are so pockmarked with voids, they give the façade an overall appearance of emptiness.

Are Toll Brothers homes McMansions?

Toll Brothers builds McMansions and expensive condos in and around wealthy urban areas. It caters to a distinctly high-end crowd, and would be psyched if it could sell 10,000 homes in a year.

Why are they called McMansions?

The word McMansion is cleverly derived from the name McDonald’s, the fast food chain restaurant. McDonald’s is known for mass producing super-sized everything in huge quantities. So, a McMansion is the Big Mac hamburger of architecture — mass produced, quickly built, generic, bland, and unnecessarily large.

Are McMansions cheaply built?

“The McMansion was built cheaply in order to get maximum items checked off the check-off list for the lowest cost. According to Kate, the most commonly used materials in McMansions include cheap materials like vinyl siding and exterior stucco finishes. “The McMansion was never designed to last forever,” she said.

Why you shouldn’t buy a McMansion?

Most McMansions range in size between 3,000 square feet and 5,000 square feet. Owning any home at that size is not a cheap endeavor, and these homeowners often face extremely high utility bills and expensive landscaping costs. The mega-size of these houses also contributes to their sizable impact on the environment.

What is a McMansion nub?

+30. The sign of a McMansion is the nub, according to McMansionHell. This is a section of roof that doesn’t smooth out. +30.

Why is McMansion hated?

Last, but hardly least, some people hate them because of their energy-intensive, environmentally unfriendly character. To say the least, McMansions are the least sustainable housing option out there, short of a castle, or to be generous, a real mansion.

How many rooms is considered a mansion?

How many bedrooms are in a mansion? There is no rule here, either. Most mansions have at least 5-6 bedrooms, but can have as many as 10. Even in homes of 10,000 square feet or more, people would rather spend money on larger bedrooms and amenities rather than on more than 10 bedrooms.

Why are American houses so poorly made?

Cheap Construction One striking aspect of houses in America is the flimsy quality of even the most expensive ones. Houses are built literally like a house of cards. Weak beams, plywood, flimsy insulation, flimsy siding and roofing that either blows off in high winds or just rots away after a few years.

What is a roof nub?

The sign of a McMansion is the nub, according to McMansionHell. This is a section of roof that doesn’t smooth out. +30. Nub and dormer – with a patchwork of bricks thrown in: This McMansion has an uneven looking roof. +30.

What qualifies a McMansion?

A “McMansion” is a colloquial term for a huge and sometimes ostentatious mass-produced house. In America, the National Association of Home Builders reports that the average home size was 983 square feet in 1950, 1,500 square feet in 1970, and 2,349 square feet in 2004.

How do I avoid McMansion?

Avoiding McMansions: Custom Home Design Ideas, not Crass

  1. Build A Relationship With Your Designer. Skillful designers and architects strive not only to make their clients happy, but to guide them to make choices everyone will enjoy for many years.
  2. Design With an Eraser.
  3. Square the Footage.
  4. Keeping Up With Design Trends.

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