What is Sierra Leone famous for?

Sierra Leone Is Infamous For Blood Diamonds Sierra Leone is also known around the world for its blood diamonds (also commonly referred to as conflict or war diamonds) which were mined and sold for weapons during the country’s violent civil war from 1991 to 2002.

What is Sierra Leone called now?

Sierra Leone has had uninterrupted democratic government from 1998 to the present day. Sixteen ethnic groups inhabit Sierra Leone, the two largest and most influential being the Temne and Mende peoples….Sierra Leone.

Republic of Sierra Leone
Time zone UTC (GMT)
Driving side right
Calling code +232
ISO 3166 code SL

What happened to Sierra Leone?

On 18 January 2002, President Kabbah declared the eleven-year-long Sierra Leone Civil War officially over. By most estimates, over 50,000 people had lost their lives during the war. Countless more fell victim to the reprehensible and perverse behavior of the combatants.

What is the meaning of Sierra Leone?

Sierra Leone, country of western Africa. The country owes its name to the 15th-century Portuguese explorer Pedro de Sintra, the first European to sight and map Freetown harbour. The original Portuguese name, Serra Lyoa (“Lion Mountains”), referred to the range of hills that surrounds the harbour.

Who is the most educated president in Sierra Leone?

Dr. Abdul Karim Bangura
Dr. Abdul Karim Bangura is one of the most educated people in the world. The renowned Sierra Leonean academic has circled the globe many times over.

Is Blood Diamond true story?

The diamond industry is abuzz over the new film Blood Diamond, a fictional account of rebel militias in Sierra Leone fueling a bloody civil war through the sale of the precious gems. FOREIGN POLICY: Blood Diamond stars Leonardo DiCaprio as an African mercenary on the hunt for a massive pink diamond.

Who is the most educated person in Sierra Leone?

Abdul Karim Bangura
Abdul Karim Bangura is a Sierra Leonean-American academic. He holds 5 doctorate degrees, speaks 18 languages and he’s published 66 books and over 600 research papers. Dr. Abdul Karim Bangura is one of the most educated people in the world.

Who is the richest Sierra Leonean?

Richest People in Sierra Leone

  • $192 Billion. Elon Musk is a South African-born Canadian-American businessman, inventor and investor.
  • $190 Billion. Jeff Bezos is an American philanthropist, businessman and space explorerer.
  • $164 Billion.
  • $151 Billion.
  • $135 Billion.
  • $125 Billion.
  • $121 Billion.
  • $70 Billion.

Who is the highest paid worker in Sierra Leone?

Macauley has been exposed as the highest paid Cabinet Minister in Sierra Leone with a monthly salary of US$5,900.00 (Five Thousand Nine Hundred United States Dollars), documents at the Accountant General’s office show. In fact, approximately 62% of all maternal deaths worldwide occur there.