What is SAP Solution Manager used for?

SAP Solution Manager (sometimes referred to by admins as “SolMan”) is an application lifecycle management (ALM) platform used to implement, maintain, and integrate SAP systems; troubleshoot issues; and keep things running securely, cleanly, and smoothly.

What is GRC for SAP?

SAP GRC Access Control is a tool created to help organizations automate process of managing users access and to monitor SoD risk violations.

What does SAP Solution Manager 7.2 represent?

In 7.2, the Solution will be the sum of a company’s systems and processes. In 7.1, you have bunch of Logical Components inside a Solution; in 7.2 the Logical Component concept has been completely revamped. It will be now easier to handle due to the removal of the product assignment for a Logical Component.

Why is SAP Solution Manager required?

SAP Solution Manager enables customers to manage their SAP and non-SAP applications in a better way. It allows to centralize, enhance, automate, and improve the management of the entire system landscape, thus reducing total cost of ownership.

What can you test with SAP Solution Manager?

From the Test Suite group in the SAP Solution Manager launchpad, you can start the following views:

  • Test Suite – Overview.
  • Test Suite – Test Preparation.
  • Partner Test Management.
  • My Tasks – TBOM Worklist.
  • Business Process Change Analyzer.
  • Scope and Effort Analyzer.
  • Test Plan Management.
  • Review Tester Worklists.

How do I access SAP Solution Manager?

In SAP Solman, all the administrative tasks are performed under Project Administration work center. Run the Transaction Code − SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN to open Work Center. Transaction code is a predefined set of functions. Step 2 − To create new project, go to Project → Create.

How much does SAP GRC cost?

SAP GRC can cost anywhere from $500 to $15,000 per license. SAP also offers a free demo.

How do I raise GRC in SAP?

Step 1 − To access Work Centers, open NetWeaver Business Client as mentioned above. Go to /nwbc option at the top to open Work Centers. Step 2 − Once you click, you will be directed to the home screen of SAP NetWeaver Business client. Step 3 − Go to setup work center and explore the work set.

What are the SAP Solution Manager processes?

SAP Solution Manager provides the following processes:

  • SAP Engagement and Service Delivery.
  • Requirements Management.
  • Project Management.
  • Process Management.
  • Test Suite.
  • Change Control Management.
  • IT Service Management.
  • Application Operations.

Is Solution Manager mandatory?

SAP Solution Manager is a fully featured IT management tool that can store details of your SAP landscape, other applications and solution documentation. Even if you don’t use any of the functionality in Solution Manager, it is mandatory for supporting and maintaining your SAP landscape.

What is SAP Test Manager?

Job Purpose: To assist the Technical Development/BI and Functional Capability organisations to deliver software solutions on time, to acceptable agreed quality standards and with sufficient test evidence to prove compliance to regulatory requirements through the deployment of effective software testing.

What does test manager do?

What the test manager is responsible for: Defining and implementing the role testing plays within the organization. Defining the scope of testing within the context of each release/delivery. Deploying and managing the appropriate testing framework to meet the testing mandate.

Where can I find change control manager in SAP?

You can access the Change Control Management features via the SAP Solution Manager Launchpad.

How is SAP Solution Manager integrated with project management?

SAP Solution Manager is integrated with the project management functions of SAP Portfolio and Project Management (SAP PPM), so you can manage, for example, project time, resources, and status. Project management is integrated for the following area: Solution Documentation, Change Request Management, and Requirements Management.

Which is the latest version of SAP Solution Manager?

Focused Run is not affected by the announcement and has its own release and maintenance schedule. SAP Solution Manager 7.2 covers the complete application lifecycle of your IT solution running on premise, hybrid or in the cloud. The modern and intelligent IT management platform empowers your IT organization for the future of business.

What are the focused solutions in SAP Solution Manager?

Focused Solutions are turnkey solutions based on SAP Solution Manager – made for immediate consumption and available for all customers. They are ready-to-run, highly integrated, preconfigured, and automated. Focused Solutions deliver all you need and include additional features, dashboards, and all related training.