What is rottefella binding?

Rottefella is a Norwegian manufacturing company of winter sports equipment, more specifically ski bindings. The name “Rottefella” refers to the three-pin binding invented by Bror With in 1927, inspired on a couple of rat traps he had seen in a hardware store.

What are the different types of ski bindings?

There are three main types of bindings, and here is how to choose which ones are right for you. There are three main types: alpine, alpine touring (AT), and telemark for alpine, backcountry, and telemark skiers, respectively.

What are IFP bindings?

IFP (which stands for Integrated Fixation Plate) plates are compatible with Turnamic NNN bindings only. Turnamic bindings slide onto this plate and are adjustable, just like the NIS system. If your ski plate has a numbered adjustment mechanism on it and no notches, it’s an IFP plate, and you’ll need a Turnamic binding.

What are SNS cross country ski bindings?

Salomon Nordic System
SNS means Salomon Nordic System. NNN means New Nordic Norm. Now, when you know it you can forget it, as usually everywhere just the three magic letters SNS and NNN are used. Both systems are not compatible.

Is NNN a rottefella?

Rottefella NNN (Nordic New Norm) standard bindings are a reliable choice for cross country tracks. NNN bindings can be used with NNN and Salomon Prolink boots. NNN boots can be used with NNN and Prolink bindings. A good combination: a Prolink boot and NNN binding.

How do you adjust rottefella?

Slide the heel from rear, adjust the heel to match shoe size with the NIS Key. o Move binding forward: Place tip into slot, push down (1) and forwards (2) to prefered position. Move binding backwards: Place tip into slot, push down (1) and backwards (2) to prefered position. For better grip in classic skiing.

Is nnn the same as Prolink?

The boots will be exactly the same except for the outsole. So if you happen to be on NNN, you can now get yourself into a Salomon boot. According to Salomon, the major difference between the SNS and the Prolink binding is the amount of control and snow feel.

Is Prolink a NNN?

The new Prolink system makes Salomon compatible with NNN for the first time.