What is P-center problem?

The p-center problem is a well known facility location problem that involves locating p identical facilities on a network to minimize the maximum distance between demand nodes and their closest facilities. The main concern of this problem is to keep the worst case service level as high as possible.

What is P median problem?

The p-median problem is that of locating p facilities to minimize the demand weighted average distance between demand nodes and the nearest of the selected facilities. The problem dates back to the seminal work of Hakimi (1964, 1965).

What is P-Center?

A p-center is a minimax solution that consists in a set of p points that minimizes the maximum distance between a demand point and a closest point belonging to that set.

Is facility location problem NP-hard?

The facility location problem on general graphs is NP-hard to solve optimally, by reduction from (for example) the set cover problem. The MFL is still NP-hard and hard to approximate within factor better than 1.463. The currently best known approximation algorithm achieves approximation ratio of 1.488.

What is capacitated facility location problem?

The Capacitated Facility Location Problem (CFLP) is a variant of the FLP, which includes capacities for the facilities. The objective is to find the best location of facilities (the one that minimizes total transportation and fixed costs) maintaining the probability of losing /backlogging demand on a small level.

What is facility location in operation management?

Facility Location is the right location for the manufacturing facility, it will have sufficient access to the customers, workers, transportation, etc. A manufacturing unit is the place where all inputs such as raw material, equipment, skilled labors, etc.

What is simple median model?

THE SMM MODELThe simple median model (SMM) can help answer this question. • This model considers the volume of loads transported on rectangular paths. • All movements are made in east-west or north-south directions;• diagonal moves are not considered.

What is the major factors affecting location decision?

The top five major factors identified that may strongly influence international location decisions generally were: costs, infrastructure, labour characteristics, government and political factors and economic factors.

What is multi facility location problem?

Abstract: Multi-facility location problem is a type of task often solved (not only) in logistics. It consists in finding the optimal location of the required number of centers for a given number of points. One of the possible solutions is to use the principle of the genetic algorithm.

What is the factor rating method?

Factor Rating This method involves qualitative and quantitative inputs, and evaluates alternatives based on comparison after establishing a composite value for each alternative. Factor Rating consists of six steps: Determine relevant and important factors.

What is layout in operation management?

Layout design concerns the physical placement of resources such as equipment and storage facilities. The layout is designed to facilitate the efficient flow of customers or materials through the manufacturing or service system.

What is center of gravity method?

The center of gravity method is used for locating single facilities that considers existing facilities, the distances between them, and the volumes of goods to be shipped between them.