What is meant by harmonizing?

: to play or sing different musical notes that sound pleasing together : to play or sing in harmony. : to be combined or go together in a pleasing way : to be in harmony. : to cause (two or more things) to be combined or to go together in a pleasing or effective way.

What does Harmonise mean in business?

Harmonization is the process of minimizing redundant or conflicting standards which may have evolved independently. For businesses, harmonization cuts compliance costs and simplifies the process of meeting requirements. It also reduces complexity for those tasked with testing and auditing standards compliance.

What is Harmonise work?

harmonize | Business English to make systems or laws the same or similar in different companies, countries, etc. so that they can work together more easily: Flexible working arrangements can make a big difference in successfully harmonizing responsibilities at work and at home.

What is harmonizing relationship with others?

When you harmonize different opinions or ideas, you bring them to some kind of agreement. It’s challenging to harmonize the different interests of a whole classroom full of children, but that’s part of what a good teacher does.

What is harmonization process?

Process harmonization refers to the activity of designing and implementing process standards across different regions, business units or functional departments. While process harmonization shares some of the goals and characteristics of process standardization, they remain distinct from one another.

Why do we need harmonization?

Harmonization of standards, specifications, and regulations is critical to international trade. Harmonization allows companies to understand the minimum regulatory and customer requirements of international markets. This in turn allows companies to produce goods for those markets.

What is the meaning of harmonizing relationship with others?

How do you use Harmonise in a sentence?

bring into consonance, harmony, or accord while making music or singing.

  1. The singers began to harmonize the new song.
  2. The cottages harmonize well with the landscape.
  3. The colours do not seem to harmonize at all.
  4. The new building does not harmonize with its surroundings.

How do you build harmonious relationships with others?

5 ways to create happy, harmonious relationships

  1. Communicate openly.
  2. Apologise early to create a happy relationship.
  3. Accept the offer of repair.
  4. Make room for your differences.
  5. Remember the good in your relationships.
  6. Discover new experiences.
  7. Know when to let go.