What is latest version of Confluence?

Confluence 7.0 – September 2019.

What version of Confluence do I have?

To find out what version of Confluence your Confluence Cloud site is running, go to > About Confluence. Head over to the release notes blog to see what’s changed recently on your Confluence site.

How do you automate a release note?

How to automate your releases, versioning & release notes like a…

  1. bump your package. json version to the right semver version.
  2. create a github release.
  3. create a git tag.
  4. generate a changelog that includes the release notes.
  5. push the changes to your git repository.
  6. publish your package to npm.

What database does confluence use?

embedded H2 database
About the embedded H2 database Your Confluence installation includes an embedded H2 database, to enable you to try Confluence without setting up an external database. The embedded H2 database is only supported while you are evaluating Confluence.

How do you show release notes?

A guide for writing great product release notes

  1. Focus on the value to the customer.
  2. Keep them punchy.
  3. Use plain language.
  4. Include images, videos, gifs, and links to additional information.
  5. Inject your brand’s tone of voice.
  6. Group them logically.
  7. Segment them by impacted user.
  8. Include specific dates.

What is QA release note?

Release note is a necessary document that is prepared before the fully developed and tested product is released for the use of the client and the end user. This document is released as part of the final build and it contains information about the new enhancements that are done as part of that release.

Does Confluence support version control?

Procedure. Confluence can be used as a document control system. It’s built-in features to manage, version, search and organize attachments for customers justify it as an end-to-end replacement for a shared document repository.

Does Confluence use Java?

We support running Confluence with the JDK or JRE (Java Runtime Environment). Check the Supported Platforms page to find out which JDK / JRE versions and vendors are supported for your version of Confluence.