What is klari Reis famous for?

Artist Klari Reis is best known for her Petri Dish series, a multicolour set of circular blobs created using a blend of media and ground-breaking techniques. The core of her approach is the transformation and pigmentation of a UV-resistant plastic, the epoxy polymer, into unique and cutting edge artworks.

Where is klari Reis from?

San Francisco
Klari Reis is an American artist born in 1977. She got her Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from the City and Guilds of London Art School in 2004 (CV: PDF). She has been working in San Francisco for the past six years.

How does klari Reis make her petri dishes?

Merging both art and science, Reis uses a UV resistent plastic-epoxy polymer which she injects with brightly colored powders, oils, acrylics, and industrial dyes. Each day, she releases a new petri dish making no two the same. Check out the rest of her work HERE!

What influenced klari Reis work?

She occasionally takes direct inspiration from scientific images, but she states that she often just relies on her memory and works from the way that the shapes and reactions made her feel.

What materials does klari Reis use?

She pigments the plastic with powders, oils, acrylics and industrial dyes, built up through many layers of the ultra-glossy plastic. The shapes and colors bleed, blur, shift, and spread becoming remarkable through their eccentric detail.

How does klari Reis create her work?

Where did Klari Reis study?

Klari Reis is an American Artist, born in 1977. She graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from the City and Guilds of London Art School in 2004, and now works in San Fransisco and has done for the past six years.

What do you use alcohol inks for?

Here are 25 Ways to Use Alcohol Inks

  1. Crystal Fiber.
  2. Acrylic Gems.
  3. Large Pearls (real or fake)
  4. Geodes.
  5. Marbles.
  6. Wood (wood is a porous material, as is fabric, but Alcohol Inks still work on it as you can see. You would want to use it for small projects as it takes more ink.)
  7. Sequins.
  8. Acrylic or Glass Knobs.

What is Petri effect?

This is how the petri magic happens. White is heavy so it pushes the color beneath it to the bottom. While doing so, ink reacts with the resin and creates the typical anemone like tiny tentacles. If your resin is too fluid, white might drop straight to the bottom which causes the unwanted white spots in your petri.

What media does klari Reis use?

Does alcohol ink wash off glass?

If you don’t like how your alcohol ink art turns out, just use straight alcohol to clean off the glass or tile and start over! Use 91% rubbing alcohol for best results (the stuff at the dollar store is usually only about 70%, so check the pharmacy section at a grocery store).