What is included in a full car valet?

Full Valet Procedure:

  • Pressure pre-washed.
  • Exterior hand wash, 2 bucket method.
  • Wheels cleaned & tyres dressed.
  • Hand dry using deep-pile microfibre towels.
  • Tar spots removed.
  • Wheel arches dressed.
  • Exterior hand resin polish.
  • Door shuts cleaned.

How much does valet cost?

The average cost for a Valet Parking Services is $300 per event. Hiring Valet Parking Services, you will likely spend between $250 and $450.

How long does it take for a full car valet?

How long does it take to valet a car? Mini-valets, where the interior and exterior are quickly cleaned up, usually take less than one hour. Whereas, full valets can take around half a day to complete.

Is mobile car valeting profitable?

Having a professional mobile car valeter who runs their own business is far more appealing to customers who appreciate their vehicles. Mobile valeters can make good money without too much effort. You will only need to clean 30 cars per week to earn £600 – £800, 30 hours work.

What’s the difference between valeting and detailing?

We found out that valeting means “to clean the bodywork and interior of a car as a professional service”. On the other hand, Dictionary.com defines detailing as “the process of thoroughly cleaning the interior and exterior of a vehicle and doing minor repairs to improve its appearance”.

How often should you valet your car?

One thing is certain though, leaving your car to accumulate dirt to the point of it attracting sympathy is detrimental to its health and long term value. Even if you are not faced with any special circumstances, it is best to ensure your car is washed at least twice a month and waxed at least once every 90 days.

Is a valet business profitable?

Valet parking services can be lucrative. Entrepreneur says a crew of just two or three people can generate about $50 to $70 per hour based on the rates you charge.

What’s included in a mini car valet?

MINI Valet Services

  • Exterior hot wash.
  • Leather the bodywork, exterior glass and door shuts.
  • Glass and mirrors buffed.
  • Dress tyres.
  • Vacuum interior upholstery and carpets.
  • Boot vacuumed.
  • Ashtrays and door bins emptied and cleaned.

What is the difference between valeting and detailing?

What is a valet for a car?

What does a car valet do? Car valets clean cars, including windows, wheels and mirrors, as well as vacuuming and shampooing the interior. They use high-pressure hoses and steam cleaners to clean the engine, frame and wheel arches, as well as using wax and polish on the bodywork.

Is car valeting hard work?

Cleaning cars is hard work, often involving awkward positions, repetitive movements and kneeling. Employees are at risk of sprains and strains, but this risk can be reduced by taking reasonable measures.

Is mobile valeting a good business?

Your income is only limited by you Stick to doing a good job valeting and the business will retain customers and those customers will recommend you. Starting a mobile car valeting business can be lucrative and easy to start if you know which valeting equipment to buy and how to do the job.