What is image semantics?

In terms of the first question, a semantic feature describes the visual content of an image by correlating low level features such as colour, gradient orientation with the content of an image scene. For example, correlate an extracted color such as blue with the sea or sky, white with a building, and so on.

What is image retrieval techniques?

Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) – the application of computer vision to the image retrieval. CBIR aims at avoiding the use of textual descriptions and instead retrieves images based on similarities in their contents (textures, colors, shapes etc.) to a user-supplied query image or user-specified image features.

What is meant by content-based image retrieval?

Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) is a framework that can overcome the abovementioned problems as it is based on the visual analysis of contents that are part of the query image. The discriminative feature representation is another main requirement for any image retrieval system [17, 18].

How does content-based image retrieval work?

Content-based image retrieval is opposed to traditional concept-based approaches (see Concept-based image indexing). “Content-based” means that the search analyzes the contents of the image rather than the metadata such as keywords, tags, or descriptions associated with the image.

What are semantic features in images?

1. The contents of an image according to human perception, like the objects present in the image or the concepts / situations related to the image. Learn more in: Image Database Indexing Techniques.

What is meant by semantic analysis?

Semantic analysis is the task of ensuring that the declarations and statements of a program are semantically correct, i.e, that their meaning is clear and consistent with the way in which control structures and data types are supposed to be used.

Why is image retrieval important?

Image retrieval (IR) has become an important research area in computer vision where digital image collections are rapidly being created and made available to multitudes of users through the World Wide Web. Content-based image retrieval research has produced a number of search engines.

What is text retrieval system?

Text retrieval (TR) systems are also commonly referred to as information retrieval (IR) systems. Essentially they can be thought of as being equival- ent to the cataloguing and OPAC modules of library housekeeping systems — but with a dif- ference.

What is text based retrieval?

In text based (concept based) image retrieval, images are annotated with a textual description and their retrieval is based on matching the user’s textual query to the annotation of the image.

What are the low level features of an image?

In CBIR system, visual features of the image like color, texture, shape or any content could be autonomously mined from the image and employed to retrieve relevant images from the image data samples. These features are known as low-level features which have certain visual properties of an image.

What are low level visual features?

In published research on the subject, there are three main types of (low-level) visual features that have been applied: color-based features, texture-based features, and shape-based features [378]. Color has been an active area of research in image retrieval, more than in any other branch of computer vision [138].