What is i2 application?

i2 Base. Intuitive intelligence data management application that enables collaborative teams of analysts to capture, control and analyze multi-source data in security-rich workgroup environments.

What is i2 police?

The i2 iBase software lets police forces collate, analyze and visualize large sets of data for a single view of custody records, intelligence and criminal activity across multiple systems. More analysts using i2 means greater collaboration and information sharing across departments and units.

Who bought i2?

IBM is announcing the acquisition of i2, a company that provides intelligence and investigation management software for law enforcement, defense, national security and private sector organizations.

When was i2 invented?

April 9, 1990
i2 Limited/Founded

What is the formula of i2?


What i2 called?

Iodine | I2 – PubChem.

What is an i2 chart?

IBM Security i2 Analyst’s Notebook is a visual analysis tool that helps you turn data into intelligence. The solution provides innovative features such as connected network visualizations, social network analysis, and geospatial or temporal views to help you uncover hidden connections and patterns in data.

What is i2?

Iodine is a naturally occurring element found in sea water and in certain rocks and sediments. Iodine is an element with atomic symbol I, atomic number 53, and atomic weight of 126.90.

Why is it called Blue Yonder?

When JDA decided that the time had come to change their perception in the market, they chose the name Blue Yonder to help illustrate their belief that the future is autonomous.

Why did Panasonic buy Blue Yonder?

By acquiring Blue Yonder, a digital fulfilment company, Panasonic hopes to improve its supply chain by leveraging Blue Yonder’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning offering in the supply chain space.

What I2 called?

What is the formula of I2?