What is HWDP in drilling?

1. n. [Drilling] A type of drillpipe whose walls are thicker and collars are longer than conventional drillpipe. HWDP tends to be stronger and has higher tensile strength than conventional drillpipe, so it is placed near the top of a long drillstring for additional support.

Why do we use heavy weight drill pipe?

Heavy weight drill pipe also enables drilling at higher RPMs, reducing torque and differential pressure sticking. Because it bends easily, heavy weight drill pipe simplifies directional control and minimizes connection fatigue problems that are common in high-angle or horizontal drilling.

What is heavyweight drill pipe?

Standard Heavyweight Drill Pipe (HWDP), was developed to provide a gradual transition from heavy drill collars to relatively lightweight drill pipe. This intermediate weight pipe has a wall thickness of approximately one inch, and helps prevent stress concentration at the top of drill collars.

What are drill collars used for?

A heavy, thick-walled tube, usually steel, used between the drill pipe and the bit in the drill stem used to stiffen the drilling assembly and put weight on the bit (WOB).

What is drill pipe made of?

Generally, drill pipe used for the drill string is made from tempered steel. For cost and transport reasons, sections of drill pipe rarely exceed ranges of 30 to 33 feet long.

How heavy is drill pipe?

Hevi-Wate drill pipe weighs approximately 41 lb/ft.

What is the difference between drill collar and heavy weight drill pipe?

Heavy weight drill pipe is the most commonly used in the vertical section of the hole and provides weight on the bit for directional drilling while maintaining more flexibility than a drill collar. The function of the HWDP is to provide a flexible transition between the drill collars and the drill pipe.

What is the difference between drill pipe and drill collar?

About Drill Collars While drill pipe makes up the majority length of a drill string, drill collars make up only a small amount. In contrast, to drill pipe, drill collars are thick-walled and heavy, with very limited flexibility. Drill collars are used at the bottom of the drill string, just above the drill bit.

What is the difference between drill pipe and casing?

Drill pipes are durable steel pipes that conduct the force to the drill bit when drilling process. Casing refers to the casing pipe which is tubing that is set inside the drilled well to protect and support the well stream.

How many types of drill pipes are there?

With this in mind, remember that drill pipes, while they come in a variety of sizes, diameters, and materials, are divided into two broad types: regular drill pipe, and heavy weight drill pipe (HWDP), used as transitions.

How strong is drill pipe?

Drill pipe steel is commonly quenched and tempered to achieve high yield strengths (135 ksi is a common tube yield strength).

What is the ID of 5 drill pipe?

Drill Pipe Specifications

Size OD, in. Nominal Weight, lb/ft ID, in.
4-1/2 20.00 3.640
5 19.50 4.276

How are heavy weight drill pipe ( HWDP ) manufactured?

HWDP is manufactured in accordance with API Spec. 7/7-1 guidelines. Conventional Heavy Weight Drill Pipes come in two configurations, Welded and Integral. The welded configuration is manufactured by friction welding of extra long tool joints to a thick well tube while the integral configuration is machined from a solid bar of AISI4145H alloy steel.

What kind of drill do you use to drill a hole in glass?

Drilling a hole in glass can be done with a regular electric drill if the correct drill bit is used. The key to drilling glass is to use material harder than the glass itself. Steps

How big is a HWDP tool tool joint?

Nom. Size Tube Mechanical Properties Tube Section Tool Joint Tool Joint 4-1/2 2-13/16 .875 9.965 5 5 3 1.000 12.566 5-1/2 5-1/2 3-1/4 1.063 14.812 6 6-5/8 4-1/2 1.063 18.567 7-1/8

What should SR be for heavy weight drill pipe?

For more severe drilling or for significant failure rate experience, keep SR below 3.5. In order to reduce the stiffness ratio and increase service life of the drill pipe, heavy weight drill pipe having the same OD as the drill pipe and a wall thickness of up to 1 in and weight up to 78 lb/ft is used between the drill pipe and the drill collars.