What is Dom Mazzetti doing?

Mazzetti, whose real name is Mike Tornabene, runs the BroScienceLife channel, which currently boasts nearly 2 million subscribers. Since 2011, Mazzetti has been treating his viewers to life as told by a gym bro, weighing in on everything from internships to terrorism to Four Loko.

What does Broscience mean?

misinformation circulated
Broscience is a term for misinformation circulated among men, usually body-building claims not backed by science.

Is Bro science a satire?

By taking the stereotypical Alpha-Male GymBro Douchebag and building an incredibly written and self-satirical parody, Tornabene and his partner Gian Hunjan have produced some of the most ridiculous yet right-on-the-money comedy that’s graces the massive video community in years.

Who is Bro science life?

“Bro Science Life,” created by Mike Tornabene and Gian Hunjan, is a comical take on gym rat culture that has a significant following, at least by the YouTube numbers: The BroScienceLife YouTube account currently has 1.9 million subscribers and almost 275 million views after four years of posting — meaning it has enough …

Why did Dom Mazzetti get tattoos?

Tornabene always wanted to be tattooed, however, he held back because he needed to maintain the identity of Dom Mazzetti. “As I got older, I didn’t want to live in his character and I started collecting the tattoos I wanted. That was more important to me than protecting a certain image.

What is the bro split?

What Is a Bro Split? Bro split is one of the most widely used bodybuilding routines in gyms all over the world. It is a type of split training that works major body parts over the course of a week. Each day is devoted to a specific muscle group that you want to build.

Can cycling replace leg day?

Yes, riding an exercise bike or taking a spin class once or twice a week will actually help out with building up muscle in the legs. Due to the resistance involved in riding a bike and the zero impact, the leg muscles are worked in a way that mimics that in which resistance training with weights would do.

Can I just run for leg day?

Running after leg day can help your recovery and help you feel fresher. As you improve and your muscles strengthen, your body will gradually get used to the cumulative effect of training that you put on it. This means a run after leg day essentially will make you a better runner all round.

Is Dom Mazzetti a character?

Dom Mazzetti is a fictional character portrayed by Mike Tornabene. He’s also known as the “Bro Science Guy,” and “Brofessor.” The comedy character is shown as a half-Italian half-American college student who talks about topics such as fitness, college, and women.

Does Bradley Martyn have tattoos?

Bradley Martyn on Twitter: “And I have zero tattoos!”