What is distribute list in EIGRP?

HULL(config-router)#distribute-list 30 out eigrp 10. Creates an outbound distribute list to filter routes being redistributed from EIGRP into OSPF. NOTE: The implicit “deny any” state-ment at the end of the access list pre-vents routing updates about any other network from being advertised. As a result, networks 172.16 …

How do you set up a distribute list?

Go to the configuration of the EIGRP process and use the distribute-list command to see your options. As you can see we can choose between an access-list, a prefix-list or a route-map. Let’s start with the access-list. You are probably familiar with the concept of access-lists if you studied CCNA.

What is distribute list?

A distribute-list is used to control routing updates either coming TO your router or leaving FROM your router. Distribute-lists work on a variety of different IOS routing protocols. Because of that, learning how to use distribute-lists is very valuable.

What is route filtering in EIGRP?

EIGRP can be configured to filter traffic using a route map and the redistribute or distribute-list command. Using a route map with the redistribute command allows routes that are redistributed from the routing table to be filtered with a route map before being admitted into an EIGRP topology table.

What is EIGRP metric?

EIGRP updates contain five metrics: minimum bandwidth, delay, load, reliability, and maximum transmission unit (MTU). Of these five metrics, by default, only minimum bandwidth and delay are used to compute best path.

What is offset list in EIGRP?

An offset list is the mechanism for increasing incoming and outgoing metrics to routes learned via EIGRP or Routing Information Protocol (RIP). (Offset lists are only used for distance vector routing protocols.) Optionally, an offset list can be limited by specifying either an access list or an interface.

What is distribute list in BGP?

The distribute list performs route filtering based on IP network addresses and netmasks of routes being advertised. The distribute list refers to an ACL to match networks and netmasks. In fact, the use of distribute list for a particular BGP neighbor can be in any of particular direction i.e. either in or out.

What is difference between ACL and route map?

These are some of the differences between route maps and ACLs: Route maps frequently use ACLs as matching criteria. denies input data. Applied to redistribution, an ACL determines if a particular route can (route matches ACLs permit statement) or can not (matches deny statement) be redistributed.

What is difference between access list and prefix list?

1) Access-list is resource consumptive compared to prefix list. 2) Access-list only checks network portion, whereas Prefix list checks both network portion and subnet mask for filtering. 3) Access-list is more flexible compared to prefix-list( because access-list checks bit by bit for filtering purpose).

How do I set EIGRP metric?

How to filter EIGRP updates with distribute lists lab?

In our route redistribution with distribute-lists lab, we allowed some routes to be redistributed from RIP into OSPF while preventing the advertisement of other RIP networks. We also did a little RIP-only filtering, and now it’s EIGRP’s turn in the lab.

When to use an offset list in EIGRP?

In certain situations an engineer may need to manipulate EIGRP metrics, and one method is to use Offset Lists to increase both the AD (Advertised Distance) and FD (Feasible Distance) of a route by a certain value – the offset. when router WEST advertises prefix out of interface Serial0/0, it should add 100 to the metric

How does the route map work in EIGRP?

Let me show you an overview of our configuration so far: Above you can see that the route-map is attached to the distribute-list command in EIGRP. Our route-map will deny everything that matches our access-list while everything else is permitted. Let’s take a look at R2 to see if this works:

How to use filters in EIGRP autonomous system 10?

Filters updates advertised from OSPF process ID 1 into EIGRP autonomous system 10 according to ACL 5 Figure 4-5 shows the network topology for the configuration that follows, which demonstrates how to configure inbound and outbound route filters to control routing updates using the commands covered in this chapter.