What is derriere in ballet?

Derrière. [deh-RYEHR] Behind, back. This term may refer to a movement, step or placing of a limb in back of the body. In reference to a particular step (for example, glissade derriére), the addition of derrière implies that the working foot is closed at the back.

What does battery mean in ballet?

: a ballet movement consisting of beating together the feet or calves of the legs during a leap.

What is the opposite of derriere in ballet?

You can say that effacé is the opposite of croisé. A dancer can perform a step effacé devant or derriére, and either à terre (on the floor) or en l’air (off the floor). For example, a tendu effacé devant with the right as the working leg would have the dancers front leg in a tendu position to the front right corner.

What does Chaine mean in ballet?

: a series of short usually fast turns by which a ballet dancer moves across the stage.

What is adagio in ballet?

at ease. In ballet, Adagio refers to slow movement, typically performed with the greatest amount of grace and fluidity than other movements of dance.

What is the meaning of the ballet movement Batterie?

: a ballet movement consisting of beating together the feet or calves of the legs during a leap.

What does the term battement Degage mean in ballet?

A term of the Cecchetti method. The battement dégagé is similar to the battement tendu but is done at twice the speed and the working foot rises about four inches from the floor with a well-pointed toe, then slides back into the first or fifth position.

What is the dictionary definition of the derriere?

English Language Learners Definition of derriere. humorous : the part of the body you sit on. See the full definition for derriere in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

Which is the best definition of ballet terms?

BALLET TERMS DEFINITION. A la seconde One of eight directions of the body, in which the foot is placed in second position and the arms are outstretched to second position. (ah la suh-GAWND) A Terre Literally the Earth. The leg is in contact with the floor.