What is CINC?

CINC helps keep you top of mind with leads/clients using their personality based drip campaigns. You can track user usage and frequency as well as see which properties they view. Phone calls, text messages, and emails can be sent directly from the system with no need to toggle back and forth between two screens.

What does CINC pro cost?

CINC has four products. Commissions Inc charges $1500/mo just for the CINC Pro platform.

What is the use of CINC?


Use Cases Generation Of New Leads , Engagement Management , Conversion Management
Medium Phone Calls, Mobile
Features Personalization, Dashboard, Recording
Business Priorities Scale Best Practices, Enter New Markets Internationally Or Locally, Enhance Customer Relationships
Industries Real Estate, Media Production

Who uses Ylopo?

Who uses Ylopo?

Company Website Company Size
HELLER REAL ESTATE GROUP, INC hellerthehomeseller.com 1-10
Ylopo LLC ylopo.com 10-50
DLP Realty Investment, LLC dlprealty.com 10-50

How much is BoomTown per month?

BoomTown’s main plan has a $1500 setup and $1500/mo not including paid leads. This makes it easily one of the most expensive real estate platforms out there. But BoomTown introduced two other plans – Launch for individuals and Grow for teams.

How much does kvCORE cost?

kvCORE Pricing: What Does kvCORE Cost?

Users Monthly Cost Commitment
1-2 $499 12 months
3-50 $1,199 12 months
51-100 $1,800 12 months

Is Ylopo worth the money?

If you’re a new agent starting out, there are less expensive options (like BoldLeads) that focus on simply getting leads. But if you have a decent marketing budget and don’t want to pay for a full-service agency to manage your leads, Ylopo is worth a look.

How much is Ylopo monthly?

Ylopo offers the entire package – lead nurturing, IDX website, and listing alerts – for $295/mo. Ylopo has flexible pricing on its paid leads (including not paying for any at all, if you don’t want them). They recommend an additional $75/mo for “DARE” Facebook remarketing campaigns.

What does kvCORE cost?

How much does ListSource cost?

ListSource is priced per record. Pricing a typical farm list was $0.31111 for property detail report fields. Depending on which filters you use, the price per record can go up when getting more targeted. Generally, using as few filters as necessary for your use case will help keep the cost as low as possible.

Is kvCORE a good CRM?

kvCORE Backend Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) kvCORE offers one of the best CRM systems out there for real estate agents. Out of the box, kvCORE provides features such as bulk texting and emailing. It allows agents to see exactly when and which properties their clients and leads are looking at.

What is the best real estate software?

The Top 8 Best Real Estate CRM Software

  • Contactually – Best Overall Real Estate CRM.
  • Streak – Best Real Estate CRM for Gmail Integration.
  • Propertybase – Best for Real Estate Brokerage Firms.
  • Wise Agent – Best Real Estate CRM for Small Teams.
  • Real Geeks – Best All-In-One Real Estate Marketing Solution.

Who are Commissions Inc and what do they do?

Founded in 2011, Commissions Inc (also known as CINC) is a real estate marketing and lead generation platform for brokers, agents, and realtors. To help real estate professionals acquire and convert more leads, they offer the following: CINC is a platform made for “top-producing” real estate agents, teams, and brokers.

Are there any bad reviews of Commissions Inc?

Some CINC user reviews complain of the quality of the leads. But that is a common refrain among many agents about Internet and social media leads in general. Other reviewers gushed about how much of their business comes from the Commissions Inc paid leads program. As always, it is about follow-up, and that is on you, the agent.

What does Commissions Inc or CINC stand for?

What is Commissions Inc or CINC? Commissions Inc or as it is more commonly known as today, CINC, is a real estate lead management platform for real estate agents to generate, manage, nurture, and convert real estate leads into clients.

What does a pond mean in Commissions Inc?

Commissions Inc (CINC) comes standard with the ability to create “lead ponds”. A pond is a type of CINC account where leads can be assigned to be worked by multiple agents. Commissions Inc’s (CINC) internal research indicates that this helps create healthy competition among agents.