What is CH3NHCH3?

CH3NHCH3 is a [{Blank}] amine.

What is HN ch3?

Infobox references. Dimethylamine is an organic compound with the formula (CH3)2NH. This secondary amine is a colorless, flammable gas with an ammonia-like odor. Dimethylamine is commonly encountered commercially as a solution in water at concentrations up to around 40%.

What type of amine is dimethylamine?

secondary amine
Dimethylamine (DMA) is also classified as a secondary amine. It is a colorless, liquefied and flammable gas with an ammonia and fish-like odor. Dimethylamine is abundantly present in human urine.

What is the name of CH3NH2?

Methylamine | CH3NH2 – PubChem.

Is dimethylamine acidic or basic?

Dimethylamine ((CH3)2NH) is a weak base. In aqueous solution at 25°C, it reacts with water to produce its conjugate acid, the dimethylammonium ion ((CH3)2NH2+), and the hydroxide ion (OH-).

What is chemical name of nh3?

Ammonia/IUPAC ID

Does benzylamine dissolve in water?


Melting point 10 °C (50 °F; 283 K)
Boiling point 185 °C (365 °F; 458 K)
Solubility in water Miscible
Solubility miscible in ethanol, diethyl ether very soluble in acetone soluble in benzene, chloroform

What is NH functional group?

amine: -NH2 amino acid (e.g., glycine)
detail: (-NH3+)
ketone: -CO- metabolic intermediate (e.g., pyruvic acid)
detail: O || -C-

Is ch3ch3 an acid, base or other?

Ch3ch3 Is An Acid Salt Or Base Hydrochloric acid, a colourless liquid remedy mostly made of hydrogen chloride and drinking water, is usually regarded for a caustic mineral acid. It is largely used for industrial uses by welding agents and circuit board manufacturers.

What is the name of ch3ch2cooch3?

Methyl propionate, also known as methyl propanoate, is the organic compound with the molecular formula CH 3CH 2CO 2CH 3. It is a colorless liquid with a fruity, rum-like odor.

What is the chemical name of CHCl3?

Chloroform has a chemical formula of CHCl3, which means it is made up of one molecule of Carbon, a molecule of Hydrogen and three molecules of Chlorine.