What is Bio 35 used for?

Bio-35™ is a dietary supplement that provides: omega fatty acids (3, 6 & 9), essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Is Bio 35 a multivitamin?

Bio-35 contains Vitamins & B-vitamins which are balanced and not mega dosed. The body does need all present at the same time to build and repair with but most people do not need a mega dose of vitamins to maintain optimum health.

What are the ingredients in Bio 35?

Bio-35™ contains cold pressed oils from Flaxseed, Wheat, Rice and Safflower. These oils are cold pressed and are rich in the Omega 3, 6 &9 Fatty Acids.

Does Bio 35 have iron in it?

Bio-35™ Iron Free dietary supplement: Bio-35™ Provides these Nutrient Families: Omega Fatty Acids (3, 6 & 9)-Also known as HDL’s. Essential Amino Acids.

What are the health benefits of Biotek bio-35?

Bio-35 provides just the right amount to provide some of the health benefits you need. Minerals, like amino acids, aid in the building of strong bones, teeth, soft tissue, blood, muscle, nerve cells. They can also, as a result, improve your overall mental and physical health, and are essential in the metabolism of vitamins.

What do you need to know about bio35?

Dietary Supplement Wake up ready to go Less afternoon drag Ionic Trace Minerals Learn more facts about Bio35 from the Great Salt Lake Know exactly what you want? Go to the shop and quickly add what you need to the cart.

Who is the creator of the bio 35 vitamin?

Bio-35 is a daily vitamin created by Biotek Inc., formally known as Pro-Biotiks Inc. It is a family owned business and was founded in 1975 by Vaughan Larsen, who was then a pharmacist and a pharmaceutical sales rep.

Where to store bio35 gels in the Sun?

Store your Bio35 soft gels at room temp in a cupboard or counter top out of the sun. Do not refrigerate or keep in high humidity areas like a bathroom. Brief content visible, double tap to read full content. Full content visible, double tap to read brief content.