What is better gold class or Vmax?

Vmax has a bigger screen and generally better sound. But the gold class is a smaller cinema so you’re much closer to the screen and most of them has Dolby atmos now so the sound is on par. Plus food service and fully reclining seats. Vmax is for mates, Gold class is for dates.

Is Lux or gold class better?

Hoyts Lux is relatively new compared with Event Gold Class but nonetheless provides a stunning premium luxury cinematic experience. Think delicious food and fine wine combined with cutting edge sound and visuals.

Is there a Gold Class menu at Event Cinemas?

Along with the Hoyts Lux menu, and the Village Cinemas Gold Class menu, Event Cinemas’ own premium movie watching experience offering has successfully managed to maintain, and even increase, growth in the Australian cinema industry. Here’s a little promo (albeit dated) video of Gold Class when it was first reaching the Australian public:

Where can I Buy Gold Class drinks in Hobart?

For the Hobart Gold Class Drinks Menu, including a range of local beverages, please click here. For the Plenty Valley Gold Class Drinks Menu, please click here. For the Southland, Rivoli, Jam Factory and Crown Gold Class Drinks Menu, please click here.

What foods are served at village Gold Class?

If you’re after something a little on the lighter side to enjoy with your movie, the cold Fish Tacos are a great little side to snack on. Otherwise, for a meal that’ll leave you wholly satisfied, consider the Salt Water Barramundi & Chips. A delicious piece of fish with a side of chips cooked to perfection. Delicious.

Is the cheese platter on the Gold Class menu?

To finish it off, although the Gold Class Sundae sounds invitingly delicious, the Cheese Platter will pair far smoother with that glass of wine you’re enjoying. All in all, nearly everything on Gold Class menu will leave you pleased with your decision. So don’t fret too much about what you’re going to get – just enjoy the experience.