What is an F1 boiler fault?

The F1 error code tells you that your boiler is losing pressure and is now low on pressure. This may be caused by: Water leaking from the pipes. Water leaking your radiators. A leak in the the boiler itself.

How do I fix the F1 code on my boiler?

How to Fix the Ideal F1 Error Code

  1. Turning the boiler off.
  2. Waiting for the system to cool down.
  3. Repressurising the system to 1.0 bar.
  4. Bleeding the radiators.

Why does my ideal boiler keep losing pressure?

A boiler that keeps losing pressure is therefore always cause for concern. There are two main problems that typically cause a loss of pressure – water escaping somewhere in the system or a failure of the expansion valve and resulting damage to the pressure relief valve.

Why is my Glow Worm boiler not firing up?

A blockage in the burner could lead to the boiler not firing up to provide your home with heating and hot water. A Gas Safe registered engineer will be able to clean the burner or replace it, if necessary.

Why is my Glow Worm boiler not igniting?

Please note though, I’ve also seen this code when the boiler is not igniting due to no gas coming through the pilot assembly, The Fix: Check the pilot assembly is clean and free flowing from the gas valve. If so, replace the flame detection probe and lead.

Why does my ferroli boiler keep losing pressure?

If your Ferroli boiler is losing pressure, but you’ve checked there are no leaks coming from the radiators and no water discharging from the pressure relief valve, it’s usually a problem with the expansion vessel which will need to be repressurised.

What pressure should my ferroli boiler be?

between 1.0 and 2.0
Your boiler gauge should show that the boiler pressure is between 1.0 and 2.0. If the pressure drops below 1.0, then you’ll need to repressurise it.