What is an AFGE bargaining unit position?

A bargaining unit position is a job that is represented by a labor union. Labor unions negotiate various conditions of employment for these jobs, however they don’t generally negotiate compensation or other matters that the management team deems to be their sole prerogative.

What is AFGE stand for?

American Federation of Government Employees
The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) is the largest federal employee union proudly representing 700,000 federal and D.C. government workers nationwide and overseas.

How do I get out of the AFGE union?

A: If you pay membership dues through AFGE E-Dues, fill out the cancellation request form at www.afge.org/Cancel or contact your AFGE Local union office.

Who is the president of AFGE?

Everett B. Kelley
American Federation of Government Employees/Presidents
Everett Kelley is the National President of the American Federation of Government Employees, which is the largest union representing federal and D.C. government employees. He assumed the presidency in February 2020. Everett Kelley has been a member of AFGE since 1981.

What does bargaining unit 99 mean?

Non-Represented Staff Employees
The University employs many staff members who are not represented by a collective bargaining agreement. These employees are grouped into two programs; Professional and Support Services (PSS), and Management and Senior Professionals (MSP).

Are VA employees unionized?

“More than 79% of VA’s workforce are bargaining unit employees, and we are working to cultivate strong, lasting relationships with the unions that represent the population of the department’s union workers, so as to ensure world class service to Veterans,” said VA Secretary Denis McDonough.

Who can join AFGE union?

How Do I know if I’m Eligible to Join AFGE? Government employees are eligible for union membership if there is an AFGE-affiliated union at their worksite. If you don’t know if AFGE is at your worksite, visit this page and select the AFGE District where you work.

Can federal government workers unionize?

All employees of the Federal Government, including Postal Service employees, by law are guaranteed the right to refrain from union membership. stands for “United States Code.”) That means that you cannot be required to remain a member or pay dues or fees to your union, no matter where you work.

Can you resign from a union?

NLRB, 473 U.S. 95 (1985), the United States Supreme Court held that union members have the right to resign their union membership at any time. Of course, the decision to resign is wholly yours. You can resign by simply sending your union a written letter stating that you are resigning effective immediately.

Do federal employees belong to a union?

The National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE) is an American labor union which represents about 100,000 public employees in the federal government. NFFE has about 200 local unions, most of them agency-wide bargaining units.

How do I contact AFGE?

If you have any additional questions, please email [email protected]….In the meantime, your current officers are:

  1. Acting President: Sheria Smith.
  2. Acting Vice President: Genevie Gallegos.
  3. Acting Secretary-Treasurer: Danette Ng.
  4. Acting Eastern Regional VP: Diane Riddick.
  5. Acting Western Regional VP: Samire Elhouty.

What is an example of collective bargaining?

Negotiation between organized workers and their employer or employers for reaching an agreement on wages, fringe benefits, hours, and working conditions. An example of collective bargaining is a labor union engaged in negotiations with management over salaries.

How can AFGE help end local pay disparities?

Tell Your Lawmakers to Help End Local Pay Disparities! AFGE members are continuing to put pressure on their lawmakers to support legislation that would end the local pay disparities between hourly and salaried workers. Thanks to our union, TSA officers are one giant step closer to getting the expanded union rights they deserve.

What does AFGE stand for in July 2019?

July is Disability Pride Month, and AFGE is proud to show solidarity with the disability community during this month of reflection, visibility, and concrete action. Each year, the ways we communicate with one another expand and become more digital.

Is the AFGE the largest federal employee union?

Nearly 80% of AFGE members responding to a recent survey say their productivity has increased a lot or a little while teleworking during the pandemic. Join government workers nationwide and overseas as a member of the largest federal employee union that offers legal representation, legislative advocacy and other services.

What are the benefits of being a member of AFGE?

Join government workers nationwide and overseas as a member of the largest federal employee union that offers legal representation, legislative advocacy and other services. Explore the benefits available for existing AFGE members. As an AFGE member, you have access to exclusive resources and benefits in our ‘Members Only’ sections.