What is a turkey trumpet?

The turkey trumpet call sounds like a wild turkey hen. When the trumpet is mastered the turkey hen; aka longbeards, Tom turkey, strutters, gobblers will come running to the hen sound. However, it will take practice to master the talent.

What is a trumpet call?

1 : a call sounded on a trumpet specifically : fanfare. 2 : an urgent or rousing summons trumpet calls to the European crusade against Bolshevism — Manchester Guardian Weekly a trumpet call to faith— H. E. Fey.

What is trumpet call?

How does the trumpet sound?

Sound is produced by buzzing the lips! The trumpeter produces sound from the trumpet by buzzing his lips. There are various different mouthpiece shapes-a mouthpiece with a deep cup will produce a mellower sound, while a mouthpiece with a shallower cup will produce a bright, piercing sound.

What is a good beginner turkey call?

The most desired call to use for beginners is a turkey diaphragm call, which is also known as a turkey mouth call. This type of hunting call is the hardest to use, so it is recommended that this type of call not be used until one has mastered the use of a box call and a pot call.

When do you turn in a Turkey trumpet call?

The trumpet call is handmade from Epi (pronounced ee pay), and Cocobolo woods. Requirements for hunting turkeys in 2021 have changed since 2020 hunting season. All harvested turkeys have to be reported regardless of youth or adult harvest and be turned in by midnight the day of harvest using SC Game Check.

What kind of wood to use for Turkey trumpet calls?

Cocobolo wood is perfect for handturning our trumpet turkey calls. Slabs Store has handturned exotic turkey trumpet calls, and other hunting calls as well. Like; Deer grunt calls, squirrel calls, also various other hunting items are available. Slabs uses top of the line quality lanyards and they’re included with our trumpet calls.

Do you need a lathe to turn a trumpet?

First, you have to be very proficient on a lathe to turn a trumpet. The tolerances and fitting needed to turn a good sounding trumpet are not for beginners. Second, you need to acquire a trumpet and learn to run it well. It doesn’t have to be an expensive, high-end collector grade call, just one that is well made.

What’s the best way to make a trumpet call?

Shorter or longer barrels can effect the sound, pitch, volume and playability of the call, and that is something you DO have to experiment with and decide for yourself. I chuck my barrel blank in a four jaw chuck and drill on the lathe using a Jacobs chuck in the tailstock. Drill the blank through with a 1/8″ bore.